Saturday, November 07, 2020

On this historic day

..we have elected a good man and a very, very good woman to lead our country. We have started hard conversations on racism, sexism and homophobia that must be continue. We are still very divided but if all of us agree to move forward, together, then maybe--maybe--there is some hope for our country.

While my own crafts are really insignificant on this day, I did want to share both my Rio Calina cowl and two potholders that are destined to be gifts for a friend. 


kathy b said...

Kim you said it perfectly. I am thrilled

Mereknits said...

I am so thrilled, but still can't sleep. Even after watching the celebrations for hours yesterday I can't seem to turn my brain off because I know the next 73 days are going to be bad. Still today I am just going to try and relax, maybe for the first time in five years since the last election cycle.

Delighted Hands said...
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