Thursday, November 05, 2020

Still waiting

 I think my tension is--kind of?--easing off, as it looks more and more likely that we'll have a decision on the President today. I just want to have an answer and to move past the inevitable lawsuits.

What this election has taught me is that a. people lie to pollsters and b. we live in a very, very divided country. I live in a pretty solid blue state, but our 'new' home is a very split (it's a fairly rural area, the population of our little town hovers around 1000). The coast, overall, is a mix of farmers, loggers, fishers, and retirees from cities. Luckily, our discourse is generally positive (I think part of it is because everyone rallies around their love/hate relationship with tourists) and I hope it will stay that way. 

In all our interactions--which are basically the grocery, the gas station, a few restaurants, and the post office--are all positive and non-political. Tim might have a different opinion as he visits the hardware store, which is its own little area of crazy.

So anyway, there's not been a lot of crafting here. I had a bunch of stuff to grade, and then there's the focusing problem. But I have done a few rows here, a few stitches there. But let's show and tell anyway--

I started a new little cross stitch project, just because I like doing Christmas projects near Christmas and if it isn't a little project, it won't be done. This is a Jim Shore Santa ornament that I got on sale last fall. There are lots and lots of beads, none of which are on here yet.

These are a few new beads. This was a card that I received from a card swap in a group I'm in on Rav, and I think it might have been hand painted with acrylic paint pens. At least I hope it was, because I have acrylic paint pens (some of them shiny silver and gold) and that would be a fun way to make some unique and colorful beads. 

Other than that, I'm hoping we have an answer today and eager to start to move on. How about you?


KSD said...

In Divergent Twinness News: I always want to do Christmas crafts after Christmas. Weird, huh?

kathy b said...

I cant wiat to her Joe won. Please!!! Im so hopeful now