Monday, November 16, 2020

The weekends--they go so faaaaaasst

 Even though we really don't do a whole lot, the weekends seem to just speed by. 

Saturday we took the dogs to the beach for a quick walk---we were in between storms and we were having a King Tide--a really big tide. We went to the 'busy' beach and there were quite a few people out watching the waves with us. We both forgot our cameras unfortunately.

The winds picked up and it was very windy (I think I saw 60 mph gusts) so we hunkered down. The Ducks played at 4 so we watched them (they won, quite handily, although the first quarter was dicey). The electricity flickered off once but came on right after, and about 6:30 or so the wind died down. We did have a hail storm too, so it was a busy weekend weather wise.

Today we went for a longish walk and I did this and that. 

Here is some of the this and that. 

1. Some new cards,  made with the washi tape from the Kawaii Pen Shop and the Mary Engelbriet shop (yes, ME HAS WASHI TAPE).

2. Some new beads, made with the Sundance catalog, the LL Bean catalog, and some pages from a fancy catalog called Somebody and Somebody--I think one of the names is McCormick but I'm not sure. Anyway, fancy decorations and fancy prices, and the pages are pretty so they make for pretty beads.

3. I'm more than halfway through Rio Calina and I'm liking how it looks. I took this with the flash and the color is a bit washed out.


Kym said...

How cool to see the big waves! Sounds like a great weekend. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Wild weather--glad you didn't have any damage, at least! The shawl is so pretty-enjoy the knitting!