Tuesday, November 03, 2020


 It is finally here. What will today bring? So much tension and anxiety in the ether. 

But it is Tuesday, and thus--

Now on to the embellishments!

In other news--we saw the mysterious Green Flash for the first time Sunday evening. This was the setting sun before we saw it. We have no photos since we weren't expecting it, but it was like a giant green balloon burst up on the horizon!

Sunset, according to my camera, was 5:02. Yikes.


KSD said...

I've been so taken with the polar bear that the little hedgehog escaped me. And the mushrooms (toadstools?) are adorable.

I've never been as eager/anxious/hopeful/terrified on an Election Day ever.

Vera said...

Love the little toadstools!!

kathy b said...

Beautiful photos as always. Now I k now about the GREEN FLASH. I had never heard of it. Thanks. Im on pins and needles and have to shut off the tv for a bit

Delighted Hands said...

I hadn't heard of the 'green flash' but it sounds like a great sight!
The sun sets here at 5:37 but it is light for another 2 hours which is nice!