Tuesday, November 24, 2020

TNT and future plans

 TNT starts with an almost done little Santa.

He's almost done. You can see the beads--there are beads all the way around his body, plus beads in his hat, and little beads sprinkled throughout. I like it but man it is fiddly. I feel like I've worked on it as long as I worked on the Snowy Stack. It is maybe 5 inches high? I have a bit of red crosses to cross, and then a whole area on the right side (just to the right of his beard) where he is holding something. I don't really know what it is. Anyway. It's getting done.

I've been thinking of what I want to do next. I know knitting-wise, I want a pair of mindless socks to knit (and I have just the yarn, just need to find the needles) and I also have yarn to do Pressed Flowers but that seems like the opposite of mindless knitting.

In little needlework, I'm waiting for the floss for A Small Gift:

I have the cloth so I want to start on that and stitch on that during the holidays.

These two kits arrived today as well:

Both are holiday stitching! I think they came in one color because of floss shortages but I might make the Hygge Reindeer just a bit more colorful.

I also have materials for "Night Walked Down" (but probably won't start that til this summer. We'll see. 

Do you have something you're looking forward to, craft wise?


Vera said...

I caved and bought the pattern for Night Walked Down, but haven't started it. I love Hygge Reindeer and Sweater Weather - both are so cute! Beading is way too fiddly for me.

Kym said...

I love all your stitching projects (those you're currently working on AND the new ones waiting in the wings). Once you get started with Pressed Flowers and get the hang of the rhythm of the the thing, you won't need to look at the pattern -- and it becomes pretty mindful. (The beginning, though? No wine. No TV.) XO

Delighted Hands said...

Santa is coming along--it sure looks good! But I really like the new emb. kits--just great!

kathy b said...

Oh i love Santa's of all kinds. They are my favorite Christmas symbol. Is that bad? I love a creche but something about Santa,

Im decreasing finally on my shawl. I'ml looking forward to making that sweater with the juniper moon cotton yarn I m at least a week away