Saturday, December 19, 2020

Catching up on a Saturday

 It's less than a week til Christmas! I think we are ready--well, the gnome isn't done (thank you so much for your suggestions to make it more festive--I will figure something out!!) and a box of gifts is MIA (thanks USPS!) but it's ok--we have one another, and Pilot, Comet, Jessie Cat and Captain MacGregor, and we'll just have a lovely time eating good food and playing games and taking walks. 

I was on my way home from the post office yesterday and drove past our little grocery store and the parking lot was pretty empty. I dashed in and bought a few things that we need for Christmas eve dinner--spinach (which they only occasionally have), heavy cream (for dessert, root vegetables,  and orange juice. We may be set for the week, but we'll see. Stores are only supposed to allow 50% capacity and if it gets busier this week it could get a bit silly. 

We'll also have a gathering with neighbors outside/in our garage with the door up---two of our neighbors planned to go to Hawaii for New Year's (they own a house there) but Hawaii went back on a quarantine and you have to stay inside for two weeks even with a negative test. 

Let's see what's going on with me:

  • I love the Pressed Flowers Shawl, and I think I'll do another one in reds/pinks/purples perhaps with a variegated yarn for the flowers. I'd also like something softer (I wonder if mohair will work? I have a lot of that). 
  • I had insomnia this week and on Thursday I knew I wasn't going to be good for a lot, so I baked. I made sugar cookies, biscotti, and chocolate crinkles, plus toffee. Yesterday I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread (yum).
  • We took a long walk up to the top of Cape Kiwanda this morning before the weather changes. We're supposed to have up to five inches (yikes!) of rain this weekend. 
  • Tim and I both spent some time trying to get in touch with Lowe's to fix a botched delivery. My neighbor texted that a huge box--she thinks it is a fake Christmas tree--got delivered to our house when it should have gone to a different address--someone named Gary-- in our neighborhood, who we don't know.  It was too big for her to take over, apparently. I couldn't find Gary's contact information, but I found the contact info for the people who own the house that he rents from. So I tried to get in touch yesterday with the home owner, and with Lowe's locally and via their email address. Lowe's locally said they would call me back (19 hours ago). Tim went online to chat with their online customer service who said to call the 800 number, and Tim said he wouldn't do that since we had already called the local store. My neighbor posted something on our neighborhood FB page, and someone who knows Gary replied that he wasn't on FB and was her neighbor. So I reached out to HER via FB and asked her if she saw Gary to tell him there's a package on our doorstep.
        So much trying to figure stuff out yesterday. And nothing gave me confidence            that he would actually know where his package was. And this is really Lowe's            problem, and they don't seem to care, and that really kind of annoyed me. 

        I heard back from the person who owns the house this morning who said she'd            get in touch with him and let him know, so I guess it is handled. We've never             been big Lowe's customers and now we will never be.

I think that's all from here! The Ducks won the Pac-12 Championship last night and it was a fun if nervous-making game to watch. That followed Thursday's Sunday Night Football game which featured two former Duck Quarterbacks, so it was a good football week here.

Onwards we go to Christmas!


Mereknits said...

It was really kind of both of you to go to all that trouble for Gary, I bet he really appreciated it. I am loving your shawl. Stay safe.

Mereknits said...

Hi Kim, the pom pom used is for hats. You can buy them online or at the store. They are pretty big.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm afraid all of the customer service is a bit lame right now. They blame it on Covid-sure why not?! Nice pics of 'the rock'!

KSD said...

The Yin and Yang of Twinitude: your experience with Lowe's was aggravating, mine was lovely.

Your "Santa and The Sock" ideas? Sheer brilliance. It's looking more and more like a series.

kathy b said...

Go DUCKS!! My packers won as well! Fireman's Bears are hanging on to a thread to win against Minnesota now