Thursday, December 17, 2020

I must say I'm disappointed

 I'm disappointed in my Gnome. I bought a kit to make it and I picked two--one in 'traditional' colors and one in blues. I started my gnome using the blues and it turns out--it's not really that blue. It's white, grey, navy, and charcoal.

It just isn't festive, which makes me not want to work on it (which I know is my choice, and a Winter gnome is just fine with me, so I may put it aside).

In other news, I have a sock done!

And the bulbs are doing their thing.

And I got the Counted Cross Stitch Santa on the tree.

Last night we watched "Christmas Chronicle" (the first one) which is silly and pretty and a little snarky. Tim laughed a few times (that was my goal--he isn't a silly Christmas movie type) and while we won't watch it again (like Elf) it was a fun week-before-Christmas-eve-ish movie. 


Vera said...

Cute things! Love the sock. What kind of bulbs? X-Stitch santa is so cute. I like the gnome too even though it is not the colors you thought!

kathy b said...

Kits can be disappointing. Im sorry Kim. But your ornament stitching is amazing. Your socks adorable . And the growth .....those bulbs ...paperwhites? will bloom and smell So so good soon.

Kym said...

I think your gnome will be very cool when it's finished. I'm sorry that it's not the colors you were hoping for, but "Gneutral Gnome" will be wonderful anyway!

Delighted Hands said...

Yes, a winter gnome is a good January project! The ornament turned out great!

KSD said...

So sorry about your gnome. Turn to the sock and the Santa to lift your spirits.

Also, "The Sock and The Santa" is a GREAT name for a Christmas book. Let's get on this.

Caffeine Girl said...

It does seem like a gnome should be more colorful but there is nothing wrong with a tasteful gnome. You've put a lot of work in all ready, so I bet you'll come back to it.

Dee said...

Cross Stitched Santa is so cute.

Maybe you could give Mr. Gnome a red ribbon. Would that help make him a bit more festive?