Monday, December 14, 2020

Once again: where did the weekend go?

 It was another busy weekend--not sure why, but just lots to do. It's not very interesting but I'll share anyway.

Saturday I did a little yoga in the morning, we walked the dogs, and then took the recyclables to the 'transfer station' (e.g. the fancy name for the dump).  Tim went to do a bit of yard work and I did--something? Probably surfed the net for a bit. We had lunch from the Oar House (carry out) and while that was happening, our new rugs came! We decided it was time for some 'grown up' rugs and I discovered a treasure trove at a place called  The rugs are all hand knotted and dyed with vegetable dyes, so I was all for that!

It took us about an hour to clean the floors, unroll them, and place them, but now it feels like they've been here forever!]

I don't know why one of the chairs is on its side.

The rug in front of the sofa has these very cool wraps on the fringe:

Our neighbor Terry came over for a drink in the garage (we kept the door open and coats on), as we won't see him before the New Year. We had a great chat. After he left, we watched the movie "Mank" on Netflix. If you like any of these things, you'll like this movie: Citizen Kane. Movies about making movies. 30s/40 film noir. Gary Oldman. I like all those things (well, not a huge Gary Oldman fan) and we really liked the movie.

Sunday morning we were lazy, but took a long walk, and then what did I do? I think I read a bit and fixed some errant wraps on the rug.  I worked a bit on the gnome. Oh, and I listened to more of "Emma" while I did cross stitch.

Here is today's giftee.

Jessie seems to be better, she's eating and drinking and she greets me in the morning. She still seems a bit slow but aren't we all?

And the bulbs continue to do their bulb thing.

How was your weekend?


KSD said...

Look, we're twins. You can tell me the reason the chair is on its side. No judgment.

If I put fringe on things, I'd definitely use that wrapping technique. Striking.

Vera said...

LOVE the wrapped fringe! And those rugs are so lovely. My weekend seemed to fly by too and I'm not sure what I did other than laundry and baking....

Bridget said...

Such great rugs! I really like the look of the wrapped fringe, I have to say.

Delighted Hands said...

sounds like a great weekend! I love the rugs! What a great find!