Thursday, December 10, 2020

Term is a wrap!

 I think I'm done with this term? Grades have been turned in, meetings have been met, the first few weeks of Winter term (which starts January 4th) are set. I need to flesh out the rest of the readings for Winter term but I think I can do that once January hits.

I've made the error of agreeing to a few things 'because it is the last time I'll do it' for the first half of 2021 (a session for an online conference and a committee) but it is leaving on a high note and I won't be that person who just phoned it in the last few months.

Some photos for you:

I love Pressed Flowers. I have always been a fan of mosaic knitting and this is a fun knit.

The hat for the gnome is done. 

The bulbs are bulbing. You'll see here that there are some ice cubes in there, which is the way it was recommended to water them!

And we had a bit of an awesome sunrise this morning.

 Tim ^^

                                        Tim got blurred out ^^

Happy Thursday! Two weeks til Christmas Eve!


KSD said...

There's something very satisfying about turning in grades, isn't there? Reading about it takes me back to the look (and even smell) of the room where I had to leave mine.

The ice cube thing is a wonder. Do you think it would work on any plant?

Kim in Oregon said...

I think it would--the question is the number of ice cubes you'd need. The instructions that came with the bulbs said three ice cubes a day (but I do more, and it seems ok, because I worry we have small ice cubes). That pot is about 10" in diameter and maybe 8" high.

kathy b said...

Hahaha Ice cubes!!! Well the eskimos must do it right?

Your sunrise is sensational. I see crosses in the pattern and as always your are spot on with your stitches lady!

Kym said...

Ice cubes are a great way to water succulents -- so probably good for any plant people tend to overwater. :-) Congratulations to you on finishing the term! It must feel great to just sit and relax for a while.

Delighted Hands said...

The new shawl is really looking good! Nice work. Beautiful sunrise!