Tuesday, December 15, 2020


 There are only two TNTs til Christmas! And my Christmas TNT is going well.

I've been working on this while I listen to podcasts and am trying to work on it for an hour a day---beyond that and sometimes it gets a bit tedious.  Now that I've decided to listen to all of Jane Austen on audiobooks I should get some good stitching time in on that. I'm currently listening to "Emma" and it's good.

Another podcast I enjoy is "Smartless" which is done by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. It runs about an hour though sometimes it is only 45 minutes. They have good guests and I always laugh out loud at least once.

I've tried to listen to David Tennant's podcast but it isn't very engaging. Basically, he walks a celebrity through their resume and says "and then you did "Movie Name". What was that like?" It needs to be more specific.

It is also King Tide season on the Coast and today through Wednesday we have King Tides.  These are the highest tides of the year and King Tides isn't a scientific term. Anyway, here is a video of some King Tides on Monday.. We went down to the Cape and joined the crowds (maybe 15 people?) watching. We ran into our neighbors Scott and Barbara and had a catch up with them.

It was a good day.


KSD said...

Any day on a beach is a Good Day.

I listened to Tennant's interview with Stacey Abrams and thoroughly enjoyed it. I never would have found it myself, though --- Briton directed me to it.

Delighted Hands said...

It does look like a beautiful 'rough' surf! Thanks for sharing.

Alison said...

Ha, I am reminded of the Chris Farley SNL sketches where he'd play an talk show interviewer. All he did was ask the celebs "remember when you ______? That was awesome!"

Kym said...

Your stitching looks great, Kim -- especially striking on that black background (which I know must be a pain - but worth it). When I was going through chemo . . . 12 years ago now (!) . . . I listened to every Jane Austen book on audio. It was a lot of fun to hear them read aloud to me. Enjoy!

Vera said...

Love seeing the surf! I find watching waves to be very soothing. Nice stitching!

kathy b said...

I love your stitching!!!!! You usually get the sets I like from that one vendor...how nonspecific is that?
Surfer dudes, where are you? Lake Michigan had record waves last week and there were surfer dudes in more than adequate dry suits enjoying it somehow. Brrrrrrrrr