Tuesday, December 29, 2020


 I have two TNTs to show! Plus bonus book stuff.

First is my 'Small Gift' and I've filled in the lady's top half, and started on the reindeer (to the right) and the Christmas tree (to the left).

Second is a new embroidery hoop called "The Hygge Reindeer". I don't have many winter-not-Christmas hoops to display and this fits the bill.

In reading--I finished the audio book of Emma while working on 'Small Gift'. I'll probably do another Jane Austen via audio book but I found if I didn't listen for a few days I forgot who all the women were. 

I read a good book called "Cobble Hill" about four intersecting families in a neighborhood in Brooklyn. I liked it.

We're watching a series on Sundance called "The Switch" which seems good--stay tuned!


KSD said...

Lovely needlework. Keep stitching!

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful stitching but I really like the primitive look of the winter reindeer

Caffeine Girl said...

I love that Hygge Reindeer. What brand is that pattern? It is super cute!

kathy b said...

Me too the reindeer is amazing. I can't seem to read at all. Just blogs! i have been trying to thank my blog friends. I feel like we put so much out there of ourselves. Thank you for your honesty. Your sharing details of your life with us. The community is rich with good writers who also knit. Thank you for enriching our lives with yours

Vera said...

The Hyggee Reindeer is just charming! Love it!