Friday, May 14, 2021

How exactly is it Friday?

 This week has been nuts. I actually thought it was Thursday when I woke up. I'm awake way too early these days but at least I can get caught up on news and email when I get up that early.

We head back to Eugene tomorrow for our last 'quick' trip to do cleaning and packing, and then we'll be back for a week and a half starting Memorial Day weekend. That's our last big push, and I have to clean out my office at school too. I also have a dentist appointment and then we're hoping to do the final presentations of the Masters students 'live' for those who feel ok doing it in person. I'm looking forward to that. 

Retirement is so close, now, after feeling it wouldn't ever come. Now our focus turns to the last big push on the house. Real estate is nuts in Eugene (in a good way) so we think we can sell it pretty quickly.

I've been working more on Float, and I'm only about halfway done with the first hank. The whole thing takes three hanks! I'll be working on this forever.

I also did some scarf rings yesterday. I am a klutz at tying a scarf. Then I saw a pattern that had a really cool scarf ring on it, made out of leather. I have some faux leather and I tried to cut out a scarf ring but it was too flimsy. So then I ordered some small wooden rings from Amazon and then did some decoupaging experiments. 

The front two are washi paper and the second two are washi tape. Paper works better. 

Mod Podge rules. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Days Continue to be Mixed Up

 It's Tuesday afternoon, and I posted a TNT yesterday afternoon, and so that is messing with my head.  

But on the blog we have:

-a cowl

-a closeup of a cowl

-eagles overhead

-some cards 

I know that much!

Monday, May 10, 2021


 I'm halfway done with the new table runner!

Sorry they're so wrinkly! But isn't it happy?

Sunday, May 09, 2021

A new nephew

 Mana and Calypso's nephew was born yesterday. He is a cute one, not yet named, and was a bit of a surprise since he was born a month 'early'. Early is in quotes because his mom, Georgia, was bred twice--Ann didn't think the breeding took the first time.  So he was actually born right on time based on the first breeding. 

Photo by Ann. I'll see him in person soon.

His parents are Georgia (Tinkerbell's daughter and Calypso and Mana's sister) and Klyde, who lives with our friend Cindy. 

Saturday, May 08, 2021

April Book Report

 I read a bunch of books (11!) in April, a few of them I'd even recommend to you! Here is a recap.

I recommend these:

-Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian: I heard about this on NPR and it was an interesting story of the experience of Indian-Americans. I have several Indian friends and I've certainly heard about parental pressure but this is an interesting sort of magical realism take on their experience. 

-Good Company by Cynthia Sweeney: this is a story of two couples in the entertainment business and the daughter of one of the couples. It's family and business and success and living in the public eye and all kind of interesting life lessons. 

These were pretty good:

-Invisible City by Julia Dahl: a mystery set in the Hasidic community of New York. I especially liked the ability to learn more about this community

-The Boy's Club by Erica Clark: a novel of a young woman working in the finance arena in NYC. It's pretty good but not great.

-Carnegie Hill by Jonathan Vantner: lives of people living in a co-op in NYC (I guess the theme of 'pretty good' is that it happens in NYC).  Good characters but LOTS of them and I think the book just went on to long for me. 

Some of these I can barely remember even though I read them all the way through:

-The Perfect Life by Valerie Keough: a very convoluted tale of revenge set in the UK. 

-The Girls are So Nice Here by Laurie Elizabeth Finn: another very convoluted tale of revenge set at a private college in New England, and goes back and forth between the 'girls' being in college and going back to their college reunion..

-Social Creatures by Tara Isabella Burton: halfway through reading this I had realized I had already read this but finished it anyway. It was weird. Another very convoluted tale of revenge. A grifter latches on to a wealthy young woman.

-Santa Monica by Cassidy Lucas: a personal trainer is murdered. Who killed him? By the end I didn't care.

-Design for Dying by Renee Patrick: this one, I was hopeful about: a young woman solves mysteries with costume designer Edith Head!! Wouldn't that be fun? No, it wasn't.

-The Next Wife by Kaira Rouda: a convoluted tale of revenge, narrated by multiple unreliable narrators. Honestly, this was my first book of April and even when I went back to read the Amazon description I can't remember what this book is about.

Thursday, May 06, 2021

And so it continues

I'm really, really starting to lose track of which day of the week it is, which is fine I guess, but thank goodness for calendars. I have to write everything down (I'm not a 'use my phone as a calendar person') and seriously, if I can get through the next 5 1/2 weeks without forgetting something major I should get a medal.

Because retirement is THAT CLOSE! Four weeks of classes and then finals week (where I only have things on the first two days) and then things should be done. I still need to clean out my office at school but I have til the end of June for that. The light is at the end of that tunnel!

Just a few photos today: first is the progress of Float. I like it even though it sometimes looks like a crime scene:

And here is a lovely sunset from a few days ago:

And finally--have you seen our house on the coast? I took this photo because I'm playing with watercolors and I want to try to do a watercolor of our house. Here it is:

Tuesday, May 04, 2021



Yes, something new. This is a Vervaco table runner (I'm all about the table runners, aren't I?) with bright flowers. I didn't realize that all the flowers were 'hearts' and so I guess this will work for Valentine's day as well as summer. I plan to use this for summer. I kind of love it. 

Monday, May 03, 2021

In the mail today

 I may have mentioned to you that in our little town of Pacific City, Oregon, we have no mail delivery. We have a little mailbox at the little post office in town, and in general the mail gets delivered oh sometime when LeEtte, the Post office lady, gets around to it. She is very very nice and very very chatty---if we get packages, we often have to get them from her, as they're too big for our little mailbox (there are a few lock boxes in the post office, and LeEtte can put boxes in a lock box and leave the key in your mailbox, but often there are more packages then there are lock boxes). Anyway, given the adventure that getting the mail sometimes is, I only go a few times a week (I use informed delivery to see if there is anything really important, and there really never is).

But anyway, it was a great day at the Post Office.

A little birthday surprise from the best Twinnie ever

This book on shawls that I'm so excited to look through, which should probably be called "52 years of shawls' given how slowly I knit:

And this memoir that I can't wait to read (my view is that there are two types of people in the world: people who love Richard Thompson and people who have never heard of him). 

I have to go read now.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Hey! Hey! The first of May!

 Rabbit rabbit and all those start-of-a-new-month greetings. I have five weeks of classes and one week of finals and then I'm Done (uppercase D on Done).

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a faculty meeting (ugh) and a lot of grading (ugh) and student issues (ugh). The weather was kind of miserable, and we were disappointed because two carry-out things we wanted to do weren't available. But I got to spend my birthday with my best friend, and he showered me with gifts, a lovely dinner, and a home made delicious cake, so for a second Covid birthday it was as good as it gets. 

I played around with some gel printing:

And I knit a bit on the new cowl:

And a friend sent these beauties:

And the awful weather moved out and we were greeting with this view when we woke up:

And all is well in my corner of the world.

Thursday, April 29, 2021


 Float  is coming along. It's an interesting pattern called "Applied pooling". Basically, you have a yarn with more than one color, and you pick a color and whenever you come to that color you knit a special stitch that uses all the color.

The yarn I'm using is from Chasing Rabbits, who designed the shawl and I guess invented the idea of applied pooling. The yarn is 75% grey and 25% pink and anytime I hit the pink, I do a daisy sort of stitch.

I'm not crazy about the 'holes' around the stitch but on the whole I really like this. 

I have three balls of this yarn and I can't imagine I'll be able to be engaged in this one long enough to use all three balls but we'll see.

In other news--yesterday morning there was a rainstorm in the sky that never made it down to earth. But it was interesting!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 I have an FO for TNT--the stars table runner is done.

I liked doing this one. It was a bit heavy on the satin stitch but other than that it was fun. I already have another one--summer flowers--ready to get started!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Weekend Projects

 We are on the coast this weekend, and the big project was to set up the craft wall on the office wall. A few weeks ago we brought out a big desk from Eugene to the coast and then we decided to bring out the existing 'yarn wall' from Eugene and add on to it (to make it more of a craft wall). We don't have a ton of closet space here--by design--and I have gotten rid of a ton of yarn in preparation to sell the house in Eugene. I've moved out almost all the yarn that I want to keep, and it is now all housed in the craft wall:

Each of the little cubbies are about one cubic foot.

Not all of these are filled with yarn--I would guess right now it is about two thirds filled with yarn, embroidery things are in a few, and there's space for fleece and roving (and a few more bits of yarn in Eugene). The craft wall has opened up space in my 'official' craft room, and also in our "Harry Potter Closet" which is where a bunch of crafts have lived. So this is all good. The cubbies are all from Target, and Tim created a little 'stand' for them all (due to some plumbing stuff on the wall, long story, but if we want to we can make a two-room apartment downstairs, with the kitchen going where the craft wall is). Anyway, I'm thrilled with this.

I also cast on for Float and so far, I find it enchanting.

I also cast on for a Casapinka cowl called Painterly--it's half linen stitch. I was hanging out in the office while Tim was finishing it up and found some yarn I liked so just went for it. It is extremely early days on this one.

It's been a nice calm weekend which we like. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Saturday sights!

 It's Saturday--hooray! Six weeks left of teaching and then a week of finals week and I'm done (although technically I'm not retired until July 1). I had a phone meeting this week with a counselor to fill out my retirement paperwork, and then Tim and I went to the little bank in PC yesterday to have some signatures notarized. I'll scan the paperwork and mail it off, then I'm all set to retire (well, still have to figure out the health insurance--part of my incentive is a stipend to pay for health insurance until I'm 65, so we're examining whether I should continue with my current insurance or go on Tim's for the duration). 

I finished One and Done, although it is still not blocked:

And I made the Artist Trading Cards for May, the theme was 'seed packets' and my seeds are for watercolor wildflowers.

And then I made some cards to send with the card. 

This week was a much better week, although I have issues in both classes that are frustrating. I have two PhD defenses next week and it is good to see those students wrapping things up (I'll have two more in a month---this is a record for me!).

Not a lot on the agenda for the weekend--it is supposed to be kind of rainy so I plan to read and knit (probably start on Float) and do some arranging in our office downstairs (we've brought out the 'yarn wall' and Tim will install it in the office this weekend, which will free up a lot of space in the utility room and the Harry Potter closet, both of which now contain lots of yarn. 

Part of what we're focusing on with the move is not only getting stuff out of Eugene but also making sure we have a place here for it. I think it will all fit as we create more storage places, and our goal is not to have a storage unit and not to have boxes of stuff in the garage. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Life. Argh.

 Nothing is really bad but nothing is really good.  I am simply exhausted with it all. But I have pictures to show.

This is yarn for an upcoming pattern called Float. It is the exact yarn used in the pattern because I love how it looks. I think the only time I did this before was with Botanic.

We did a lot of work at the Eugene house this weekend and I unearthed two pieces of art from our trip to Alaska probably 15 years ago. We went on a small-ship cruise (80 passengers) and at Glacier Bay National Park we took these little Zodiac rafts from the ship to the Bay. One of the people on the trip painted this image for us. 

We also bought this print, called "Bi-Polar Bear".

I finished the sock.

What else, what else? Driving back from Eugene on Monday I listened to the Duchess podcast. It is entertaining.  Right now, say Duchess out loud. Do you say DUTCHiss? That's how I say it, but apparently if you're a real duchess you say dutch-ESS which sounds so weird to me. Anyway, it's about duchesses who live in big houses and what they do to keep them going (other than have a lot of money). 

Hope you are all well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 I'm low energy and a little blue but I do have a tiny little TNT update. Please enjoy. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

It must be sunset season

 One and Done is coming along too--not much knitting or crafting time but here you go.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Knitting and some sunsets

 We are having unusually warm and clear days here, with no humidity. Unfortunately that means there is a fire warning but hopefully things will moderate soon (usually it is very very humid here--the hardest thing for me to get used to after living inland for so long, where we have very warm summers with no humidity at all).

Here are some lovely images from last night:

A little bit of the moon behind a pine.

The little lights are fishing boats out on the ocean.

And I have been knitting--the sock progresses.

I forgot to turn the heel so I had to rip back a few rows and do it. DOH!

Not much else. I have had my worst week of teaching and it is only  Thursday (but teaching is done, just meetings left). 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 Happy TNT! I don't have a lot to show you, but I have done a bit more work on the star table runner. 

I've been very impressed by those of you who do embroidery without a hoop. It certainly makes the work prettier to photograph, and I'm so impressed by those of you who can make lovely stitches without all the tautness! Anyway, I did the gold stars of the table runner without having the fabric in the hoop and it looks ok, not great. 

We are having a 'warm up' as we enter Spring full on--highs this week on the coast in the 60s (which is pretty much summertime for us). Unfortunately, though, with the warmer temps comes the wind--after about an hour of beautiful temps and no wind, the winds are now about 20 mph, with gusts up to 33mph. They're supposed to die down tonight (of course). 

Still, not complaining except a little bit.