Saturday, January 30, 2021

Are you tired of this?

 This being Pressed Flowers?

I finished the main part of the knitting and now am working on the 30-row border. I'm ready to start Row 9 so it is moving along. I'm ready for it to be done but not sure what is next---I don't seem to be having a lot of focus and I kind of just want to make small stuff. 

I might cast on for a hat using bulky weight--I found a cute pattern (Winter Picnic Beanie) but I also like Penelope. I should just get the yarn out and see what looks good. 

I also played around with some etching on slate today. The results were--mixed? But I think it was user error. I cut out a stencil of the rock using the Silhouette and was using that to paint the etching cream on but I think I didn't get the stencil dry enough and it got a little smeary.

It's a very busy time at work--we're admitting PhD and Professional Master's students and I'm on both committees, so there are lots of files to review and Zoom calls to conduct. It should all be done by the end of next week (knock wood).  Hopefully I'll get a bit more focused then!


KSD said...

Etching on slate? Very interesting.

Delighted Hands said...

I like the etching-never would've thought to try that! The shawl is so beautiful-no, we are not tired of it!