Friday, January 15, 2021

So. Much. Anxiety.

 I'm really anxious, I have to admit. I'm anxious about the inauguration. I'm anxious that so many people are saying "I've been so careful about the pandemic so now I'm just going to go do something I don't need to do just because I'm bored." I'm anxious that my Mom in an assisted living facility can't get the vaccine but apparently a whole lot of lower risk people can.  I'm anxious about students and the second wave---at the UO, we had 101 cases during the first week of classes where ALL CLASSES ARE ONLINE. I'm anxious about the new strain of the virus.  I'm just anxious.

I keep trying to think of 'grace' and it is so, so hard.

I guess that's why I'm reading so many cozies.

I haven't been able to concentrate on knitting, but I can cook, so I've been doing some cooking. And yesterday I played around with doing etching on slate. I think I like it better than etching on glass. These were the first two good ones.

And here is a mindless sock. This is some fun yarn from Regia (I think?) that I got from Little Knits (if you don't shop from them, you should. Discounted name brand nice nice nice yarn).

What are you doing to deal with anxiety? I know I'll calm down by tomorrow so please don't worry about me. Just stay safe and breathe.


kayT said...

Anxiety tends to ebb and flow for me too. Hanging in is what we can do. I go for a long walk every morning. I knit. I watch game shows on TV. (I think reading cozy books might be very similar to that.) I play games on the computer. I think you are a lot more constructive that I am; I have seen all those lovely cards you are making. Good work.

I am wondering why your mom who is in assisted living isn't getting vaccinated, and hoping that bit of anxiety gets fixed very very soon.

Kym said...

These are anxious times, for sure. I tend to be most anxious at 3:00 am . . . when I wake up and fret for hours until it's time for me to actually wake up. Things usually look better when the sun comes up. But not much. I find meditation, yoga, and exercise to be of great value. Simple, rhythmic knitting helps. Almost anything creative. Poetry. And . . . wine. I wish you calm and peace. XO

(I'm sorry about your mom and the delay in her vaccine. I hope she gets it soon! My dad - who lives in the independent living section of a large continuum of care facility - just got his vaccine late last week.)

Liz Tamiso said...

Gardening in the FL Keys keeps me in control of my mild anxiety, today I found a new orchid bloomed, my giant aloe has popped a flower spike that will provide many days of enjoyment. And I found a third surprise flower spike on a bromeliad. And I made some cool fused glass plant stakes last night with my glass teacher. Do what you can for good self care, it’s amazing what a difference taking care of yourself can do for your spirits. Prayers and fingers crossed for your Mom to get her vaccine

KSD said...

Well, nothing I'm actively doing to de-stress is working, so sometimes I'm just sitting with the anxiety. Not ideal, but, here I am.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm sorry you are feeling anxious! There's so little you can do about others but you can do your own best. Keep doing just that! The socks are so pretty! The whales are one of my favorite subjects that you do!

Caffeine Girl said...

I hope you were able to shake off some of that anxiety. I am a very anxious person, so I understand. And anxiety is horrible. Although, in my experience, depression is even worse. But maybe that's just me.

You did me a good deed. I bought and downloaded the knitty sheep to embroider. it is a great pattern. It's a bit small, so I'm going to enlarge it before I transfer. I usually just use a light box and trace things. Do you have a better method?

Mereknits said...

I feel your anxiety, believe me. There is just so much going on in this crazy world of ours. I try to remember to meditate and to just simply take a deep breath, but it is hard to do with so much coming at us all the time. Try to take a news break, listen to an audiobook and knit, it is my favorite way to keep the world away for a bit. Stay safe.

Vera said...

Wishing you peace and calm and grace. I think we are all, to some degree, anxious about so many things. I find that getting outside (which you do regularly) helps me as well as exercies and doing something creative (cooking, knitting, stitching). We WILL get through this!

kathy b said...

Hmmmm for run of the mill, ordinary anxiety. I talk to my mom in heaven. I also take melatonin so sleep is easy. For big anxiety: I call my doc. I've learned that I cannot wait it out . I need help and gladly take it.