Sunday, January 17, 2021

Still breathing!

 A full night's sleep would be helpful, wouldn't it? Plus maybe once Trump leaves Washington some of the stress will be gone. Tim reminded me that between the insurgence, the pandemic, retirement, getting the Eugene house ready to sell, cleaning out my office, and getting my program ready to hand off, I have a lot of 'checks' on the stress scale. So I did yoga this morning, we did a nice walk on the beach today, and now I'm doing needlework and sort of watching football but sort of not. 

Thank you to all of you who gave support in the comments--it was much appreciated. I know I'm not alone and I am sending all of you the same grace that you sent to me. 

As I mentioned, we did a beach walk today. Climbing over the dune to get to the beach, we saw this painted rock:  

It wasn't one that I did! I took a picture and eft it there for someone else to discover. This is the second one I've found ever--and it reminded me to pick up a few more rocks to make some for Valentine's day.

We have had a lot of haze.

Even in the haze, the rock is magical and beautiful

There was a lot of foam on the beach. Wikipedia says:
            Sea foamocean foambeach foam, or spume is a type of foam created by                 the agitation of seawater, particularly when it contains higher concentrations                     of dissolved organic matter (including proteinslignins, and lipids) derived from             sources such as  the offshore breakdown of algal blooms.

Generally, sea foam is the sign of a healthy ocean ecosystem, which makes me happy.

Foam on a rock turns magical too.

I haven't heard yet if my Mom's scheduled vaccine shot on Thursday is a go or a no go. I'm hoping it is a go. They're not requiring them for everyone at her facility which surprises me--my brother told me that they're hoping 'peer pressure' gets everyone to get the vaccine. 

I did my Mom's birthday card today. The front is a circle. I used a die to cut out the lacy stuff on the rim, and then washed it with four colors of die. I added three sequins (you can see a green one in the lower right hand part of the circle) and added the sentiment. 

The inside features another sentiment, and some flowers that were colored in with sparkly pens. 

I finished the first half of the final repeat of Pressed Flowers. It isn't close to done, though, since I do need to do the border which is a big hunk, especially since there are a lot of stitches on the needle.

Friday night we watched "One Night in Miami" and I hope you have Amazon prime so you can watch this. If you're like me, you'll be googling so much to learn more about this period of history.

I finished reading "The Wife Upstairs" which is a modern retelling of Jane Eyre and I don't think we need a lot of modern retelling of Jane Eyre (but I kind of want to read Jane Eyre again). 

Happy MLK day tomorrow, and hang in there with me.


Kym said...

You DO have a lot on your plate right now, Kim! Please take good care of yourself this week. Your Pressed Flowers shawl is so lovely -- but it does get to be a slog toward the end, doesn't it??? Fingers crossed that your mom has had/will soon get her vaccination! XO

Vera said...

Oh, so hoping your Mom can get the vaccine soon! Pressed flowers is GORGEOUS. And, I'm loving your hazy pictures - very pretty. Remember - breathe deeply (yoga breathing) - that helps me.

Delighted Hands said...

One step at a time and you will get through this! the foam on the rock is really pretty--and it looks a bit like the card you made!
I like it when I find a painted rock--I leave it for others, too.

kathy b said...

Kim, You have so much going on. OF course you have some anxiety . Im so sorry because i know how awful it feels Trust that some things will fall into place. You will retire, you will sell the will be quite busy. Stay safe!!

KSD said...

Beautiful card for your mother.

I watched "One Night in Miami" Saturday.

Hanging in, too.

Caffeine Girl said...

So you are retiring at the end of this school year, too!
I have to thank you for the embroidery link. I'm already working on the sheep and it is so relaxing and fun.
Thanks for the movie recommendation. Sounds like it's very topical.
Photos of the rock off your coast are very soothing. I hope to see in person someday!