Tuesday, January 05, 2021

The First TNT of 2021!

 Today is my first day of online class (a 40 person undergrad class in Brand Responsibility). I usually have a Tues/Thurs schedule in Winter and I used to not like it so much but I kind of liked not having to be 'on top of things' on Monday. 

This is my second to last term, Kathy B--we're on 'quarters' and I will have one class this quarter (Winter quarter) and two classes in Spring and then I'll be done--officially June 30, 2021. Not that I'm counting or anything.

So I have a few things to show you! I finished the Hygge Reindeer.

I have three 'winter but not Christmas' hoops that I hung up-the Reindeer, a pine tree, and a little winter house.

I started one more from Hook, Line and Tinker (the designer of Hygge Reindeer) called "Sweater Weather" and while it isn't quite as attractive as the Hygge Reindeer it is almost a necessity for a knitter.

I also found out that there's a Hygge Horse, and I downloaded that for the future.  You can find her things on Etsy here-- I've also bought some from a local store called Starlight Stitchery because they have sales pretty regularly.

Not much else is happening here--the weather has been pretty stormy but we really have no where to go. It was dry enough yesterday to take down Christmas lights and toss the tree over the deck (Tim films it in slow motion) so Christmas is definitely gone. 


Delighted Hands said...

Great job on the new stitching and putting up the winter frames.
We finished up with all the decorations yesterday, too. Nice to have the house roomy again and uncluttered! lol

Kym said...

What a great winter "trio!" I love that reindeer -- and the sheep IS perfect for a knitter. (I stitched that same pine tree design this fall. I plan to hang it in our little cabin next season.)