Tuesday, January 19, 2021

TNT Plus some other stuff

 Happy TNT! Tomorrow the United States will inaugurate the 46th President of the United States. I am holding good energy for a safe and peaceful transition of power.  I look forward to celebrating a return to a country that cares about its role not only as an economic superpower but also as a global citizen. 

Monday was a day off for both Tim and me---in the past, Tim has worked on MLK day (given his old place of work had some kind of bizarre vacation policies) and in general, if Tim works I work.  As a research professor, I am (or have been) always working--a day without classes is a day to focus on data collection or writing. But now that I've decided 'no new research', I took a real vacation day. Yay me! 

To start off TNT is "Cherry Blossoms". I found this one as I was looking for a new project--it was about halfway done and I decided to just finish it off. This one is from a designer called Oh sew bootiful (Etsy shop here) and this one has a background that is kind of painterly--like an out of focus cherry blossom tree. I kind of like it. 

I've also started on one called "Dream House" by Tamar. I've done several of her Christmas patterns and this one is sort of like Cherry Blossoms in that there's stuff in the background of the fabric that isn't stitched, it just sort of fades into the background. 

Today I painted some slate tiles. I have two from my last etching adventure that I kind of messed up, so I did some tiles of the rock.

Daytime looks a bit better than nightime but I like them both.

Finally, today, we needed to restock our woodpile. Tim has several large racks in our carport filled with wood, and we have a smaller rack upstairs on our back porch (where our tulikivi is--our living room and bedroom and kitchen are all upstairs to get a better view). He toted the wood up to the back porch, dumped it, and then I loaded up our rack. To do this, one (me) climbs four stairs and then arranges the wood. 

there are two 'layers' to this rack (you can only see the front) and there are about 100 logs in each rack. We started with maybe 15 logs still in the rack. That's a lot of logs!

I finished another embroidery store mystery. They have now become incredibly formulaic. So I'm on to something else.

Happy TNT!


Kym said...

So glad you had a day off! :-) I love those stitching projects - and especially those cherry blossoms.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice rack for the wood!!! We've gone through so much wood this winter already--another frost this morning...
Your stitching is really cool--I like the look to Spring.
The tiles are very cool!

Vera said...

The cherry blossoms are beautiful. That sure is a lot of wood!! And a lot of work to stack it. Glad you got a *real* vacation day!

KSD said...

The cherry blossoms are beautiful. The little homestead is really striking.

Caffeine Girl said...

Your stitching is really beautiful. And you find the best patterns. I love the homestead one even more than the cherry blossoms.
I have started the sheep and will post about it soon.

kathy b said...

oh no research! You are so close to retirement KIM!!!! Im so excited for you
I get the log stacking! Good job. Hope your back is strong and think of the workout you got.
I"ve been watching GIRL IN THE WOODS and she teaches me so much about, building fires in wet forest, and how to find Pitch to start the fire. SHe's a bit OUT THERE but she is a fun watch on you tube

I love your cherry blossoms!!! D.C theme!