Tuesday, January 26, 2021


 Welcome to TNT! Today I have a finished TNT to show you--it's the Secret House. This was really very very simple and it will be nice for Spring. Now I need to figure out what is next!

This should be a bit of a nutty weather week with lots of precipitation and temps right around freezing. We woke up to a layer of sleet on the driveway (it wasn't slippery at all, just crunchy).

A little later in the morning we had snow mixed with rain so that was exciting!

I've also done a bit more experimenting with gel printing. I have to have a much lighter hand on getting the paint spread around--it is hard with a fat little pot of Crayola acrylic paint!  Some things still look a little 'crime scene' like but hopefully I'll get a bit more controlled with them.I'm getting some acrylic in tubes tomorrow so that should be easier.

I got everything on my to-do list checked off today so I'm happy about that. I have lots of meetings this week so it is good to be caught up!

Happy TNT!


Vera said...

Oh gosh! I love your secret house embroidery - so pretty!

KSD said...

Catching up is sometimes overrated, but I'm really happy for you. Reward yourself somehow!

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The secret house is perfect for a Spring display. It’s fun to see the variety of crafts that you explore.

Delighted Hands said...

the weather does give you opportunity to do more crafting--the painting is beautiful! Love the work you did for the embroidery!

kathy b said...

Caught up is a great feeling. I love this paper work you are playing around with!!!!!!