Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Sometimes the spirit moves you

 -and today the spirit said 'make woven heart baskets out of paper' so I did.

Did you make these in Girl Scouts or at Catholic School? I didn't (I didn't go to catholic school but Tim did and he mentioned his sister made them so I put two and two together). These are a bit fiddly to make--not to cut out, the machine made that easy, but the weaving is a bit fiddly. But these are fun and will make cute Valentine's day cards (with probably another little heart or message inside. I'm way into the 'little things in a different thing' school of card making). 


There's also some work on a sock for Tim--cool Regia yarn!

My first day of class went fine except  for some run of the mill student issues--students had plenty of time to get some things fixed, but they didn't, and now they think it becomes my problem. It doesn't.

 I finished a mystery/thrilled called "The Girls Weekend" and it was pretty good. Five college friends reunite in the mansion of one of the five, and all their buried secrets come out. I liked it.


Kym said...

I used to make woven heart baskets with my Swedish great-grandmother when I was a little girl. (I still have some of them.) I know they're futsy to do -- but so cool! (She did most of the tricky bits, and made it seem like I was actually doing it myself. Which is an excellent grandmother maneuver.) XO

Vera said...

Those hearts are so pretty! And the socks look great - love that yarn. I just put in a request at my library for The Girls Weekend. Mysteries seem to be what is appealing to me these days.

kathy b said...

I remember those hearts! My heart is full today, as we have taken back the US senate!! Thesis HUGE!
Oh Im knitting socks

KSD said...

Never ignore the spirit.

Caffeine Girl said...

I can see how the weaving would be fiddley.
I've looked at getting a Cricut for cutting fabric, but that requires getting the most expensive model. I'm holding off for now!

Delighted Hands said...

I used to make tons of these with the kids out of construction paper around Valentine's Day. Real fun.