Friday, January 08, 2021

Too big for the needle!

 I always wonder if there's anything 'new' to show on bigger projects, but apparently with Pressed Flowers there is as this no longer fits on the needle well.

I really enjoy this knit, but of course I'm itching to cast on something new. I might be doing a pillow based on the Kaffe Fassett village in the new MDK  Field Guide. I'm not a big intarsia fan but we'll see. These are simple enough that I can wind a few bobbins and probably do fine. I have a lot of single balls of yarn that would be fun for this.  And I can do individual houses and then sew them together, which is kind of appealing. We'll see.

Not a lot has gone on craft wise, because our country is chaos. That inauguration can't come soon enough.

My new class is not going well---students don't want their cameras on and we can't require it, so it is like talking to a big black screen. My 'live' classes are all small group breakout sessions so it isn't as soul sucking as it could be. I'll survive. 

I finished another embroidery store cozy and am now reading a really good book--Black Buck. 

Not much else going on. We had a sunset yesterday so hooray! How about with you?


KSD said...

Why don't they want their cameras on? I don't ask increduously, just out of curiosity.

Kym said...

Those houses are so tempting . . .
(And can't you give "extra" participation points for the students who turn on their cameras??? Or something???)

kathy b said...

Well speaking to a black screen would drive me a bit nuts. Wow. That feels so disconnected. I'd have to draw their faces and put them on the screen. Just generic 2020=2021 students. Some beards, some girls with ponytails, some with cute short cuts, I'd have to

Kim in Oregon said...

Some don't want cameras on because they don't want to show where they are living--we need to respect their privacy. Others don't have the camera on because they have bad Internet connections. But I think most know they have to show up so they don't get docked on attendance, but by not having the camera on they can do whatever they want.

The class is primarily breakout small group discussions and they have to take an action to enter the breakout rooms so they can't log onto the Zoom and then go take a shower.

I should have just never said that cameras were optional.

Delighted Hands said...

The shawl is lovely!