Wednesday, January 13, 2021

We had a little weather

 A pretty major storm rolled through on Tuesday, along with some King Tides. We live on a hill, and the 'town' of Pacific City is along a river. I went down to the post office yesterday around high tide (no mail delivery! small town!) and the river had flooded over the tiny little runway of the PC Airport and then it flooded the road that leads to the bridge that connects the west side (beach) and the east side (town) of PC.  Basically, most of downtown flooded. 

This is the airport runway today. You can see that people on the other side of the runway have hangars for their planes. And you can see the orange windsock.

The electricity went out last night around 11 and came on in the middle of the night. 

We have a 'south' entrance and a 'north' entrance to our neighborhood, and the 'north' one is pretty useless right now. The 'south' one tends to stay a bit higher above the river so we'll never get totally trapped. By water. Now tree branches, that's another thing.

We went for a little drive on a beautiful, sunny, warm day today and saw that the river is still really really high---streets are flooded to our North and West but OK to the south.  We have a lot of dairy farms around (we're in Tillamook County, home of Tillamook Cheese) and much of those fields are flooded as well. I guess it should start going down soon?

You can see the fence posts for the field.

This is both a wetlands (obviously) and a horse and cow pasture. It is not a lake or a river.

These horses live at the dairy farm to the north of us. They have a nice patch of dry land and their barn is a bit higher than the pasture. You can see the water on the road--the river is just to the right and was spilling over its banks today. 

In other news--I discovered I can knit Pressed Flowers and read at the same time. I have a little over one repeat to go before I do the border.

And I've been kind of devouring books. I need the escapism, apparently. Yesterday and today I read "Leave the World Behind" which is Carole and Kym and Bonny's winter book and yes you should read it too.


kathy b said...

Oh my goodness. I didn't expect that kind of weather for your area. Someone has told me it is much colder and snowier than it used to be. They also said its gotten very hot in summer. I can't remember you complaining about either......
But Im so glad you found a book you love

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so glad you are safe-it is amazing to see so much ground water!
The shawl is beyond pretty--it looks very Scandinavian to me!

Kym said...

Oh, my! That WAS some "weather!" It's always so . . . unreal . . . to see the landscape so changed by high water. I hope you'll be able to join us when we do our Zoom to talk about Leave the World Behind. I really need to TALK about it with people!!!! :-)

Vera said...

Gosh that's a lot of water! And, I'm impressed that you can knit pressed flowers AND read at the same time!