Sunday, January 10, 2021

Weekend recap

 The weekend was a good time to recover from the horrific events of last week, although I probably refreshed my browser every hour to see if anyone resigned from his job. There was also a lot of knitting, paper crafting, reading, needlework, movies, tv, etcetera!

In the paper crafting area:

The cut outs are from a die and I cut the background circles out on the machine. Not sure what these will turn into but I really like them.

I started on some valentines. First I cut out a bunch of hearts from a bunch of different papers. Not sure what these will turn into.

I also did a few more woven baskets. 

And some birthday cards.

And I played around with some new washi tapes. Not sure what this will turn into (probably will be cut into smaller pieces and put on a card).

I read a really good book called "Black Buck" which is about a young black man who gets a job in sales. It's fiction, framed as a guide to being a good salesperson, and is an interesting take on the black experience. I saw myself a few times (not in a good way). It's funny and scary and worth a read. 

On the television machine, we finished "Bodyguard" which is about a bodyguard (of course) for a member of the British government, but there's all kinds of intrigue and red herrings and 'who is bad who is good'.  It's pretty tense so if that's your thing, you might like Bodyguard. We also started "Bridgerton" which is so beautiful to look at and kind of silly, but we'll keep going. 

We also watched "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart", the BeeGees documentary on HBO Max, and it was really really good. My twinster is a huge BeeGees fan and I liked them a lot in High School and college but I haven't thought a lot about them in a while. Anyway, this is a great documentary. It had me reminiscing about some good times in High School (in particular, how much I loved "Fanny Be Tender With My Love") as well as some good Saturday Night Fever memories from college. Did I mention it's really good?

How was your weekend? How worried are you about the next nine days? 


kathy b said...

Kim, I m knitting for calm. I have heard the Bee Gees movie is great. I don't know how we can watch it though. The next 9 days.....I'm praying . I did not see that attack on Congress coming last week. It is all so upsetting.
WE have watched too much news. My head is not in the sand, but my heart cannot take it all in at once.

Vera said...

I'm (as usual) avoiding the news. Like Kathy, my head is not in the sand, but I'm in a better place when I don't watch. You've been so busy with your crafting!!

Delighted Hands said...

Love to see your creativity--those hearts are really pretty!

KSD said...

"Fanny" is a wonderful song; glad you plucked it from sort-of obscurity.