Thursday, February 04, 2021

A Little Kaffe House

 Let's start off with this: I am not a fan of intarsia. I suck at intarsia. I will do anything to avoid intarsia.

So yeah.

Kaffe Fasset did a pattern for Modern Daily Knitting's Field Guide 16, and I kind of love it. As I was pondering what to do next, I started thinking--it would be fun to knit a felted pillow of four (maybe?) houses. 

Then I started thinking--well what yarn? We have these cool rugs now and it would be nice to 'match' the rugs but not be too matchy matchy.

And then I remembered that I had some leftover Noro Kureyon Air which was used for this and this and I thought a. the colors were great and would match the tones of the rugs and b. it's thick so it will make a big piece and c. it will probably felt great. 

So there's the first one. It's not the best intarsia but I can work on that. And I'll measure this and then felt it so I can figure out the best size to do. 

And I ordered more Kureyon Air--I need about 20 grams worth of two colors and 10 grams worth of another two per square, and I can wind off what I want from the Kureyon.


Delighted Hands said...

yeah, I'm not a big fan of Intarsia either but I do get lured into things every once in a while! lol This will be a fun project and it doesn't have too many colors! Have fun!

Kym said...

Another Not Fan of Intarsia. But those houses are so dang charming I bought the pattern. No immediate plans in my future, though. I'll just have fun watching your houses come together! XO

kathy b said...

This is an awesome new venture for you. .I have a book that shows a knitted house with 4 sides. Let me find that tomorrow

Mereknits said...

I suck at Intarsia and short rows, there I said it! I will avoid them both at all costs. Love your idea. Stay safe.

Vera said...

Oh this is fun! I can't wait to see more of this project. I've never done Intarsia....