Thursday, February 25, 2021

Hello FO!


This is the 'secret handshake' cowl by Casapinka--sort of. I just kind of picked and chose the sections that I wanted to knit, and I only used on color of yarn (Zauberball crazy). It went pretty quickly and I think it looks good (if a bit on the 'fall' ish side but that's ok).

The weather has been quite wintery with lots of storms and rain but yesterday was a bright day with minimal wind. We took a little break at lunch and did a walk on the beach.

Tim has created some clay 'rocks' so he hid some of those.

There was a lot of debris but nothing more interesting than this bottle covered in mussels. 

The beach never disappoints!


kathy b said...

your knitting never disappoints either! Love the cowl and I love your hair

Anonymous said...

The bottle looks like an owl!

Vera said...

The cowl looks great and a walk on the beach sounds oh so lovely!

Kym said...

Lovely cowl -- and thanks for sharing your walk on the beach! XO

Delighted Hands said...

The cowl is perfect since it is still winter! Good job.
The beach time is always appreciated! Beautiful.