Saturday, February 13, 2021

Little bits and pieces

 The insomnia continued for a few more nights, but last night I slept pretty well eve though we had a bit of a storm. It was possible we would get snow (yay!) and ice (boo) but it turned out just to be a lot of rain--an inch yesterday and another inch and a quarter by 4am today. It seems to have stopped out--and it's warm---so I guess our snow is no longer an issue. But I was hopeful!

Comet was ready, with her new jacket and her laser beam eyes.

The insomnia limited my knitting--I just couldn't do it, it seemed, when I was awake--but I do have a few things to show you.

The 'Secret Handshake' cowl is coming along--it's a bit hard to see the pattern because I'm not changing colors, and the pattern is just a mere suggestion to me. I really like this yarn (Zauberball Crazy) and so I'm just knitting along til I'm done.

I'm creating my own hat pattern for a slouchy hat using Lambs Pride yarn. It will have a Saxon Cable wide brim, and then I'll pick up stitches for the slouchy part. The saxon cable and this yarn unfortunately don't photograph well, but here is what we have so far:

We finished watching "The Pack" last night and it's cute---it's "The Amazing Race" with dogs. I was happy with the winner. We also have started watching "Father Brown" which is a very, very cozy mystery.

I've done a bit of work on getting one of my 'retirement' projects going: and that is writing cozy mysteries! I've been reading A LOT of them (if you look at my reading record you'll see, and I'll recap those sometime this month) and I think I have a good (and marketable) idea. Two top areas for cozies are 'craft' cozies and 'animal' cozies. So my idea is to have cozies set on an alpaca farm. There may be some on sheep farms? I'm not sure. There are a lot of craft cozies and I think I can blend the two to have some fun stories. I have my central characters starting to get fleshed out, and I have a list of possible storylines, so I'm feeling hopeful. 

Given my cozy excitement, and my horrible winter term class, retirement can't get here soon enough. I only have four weeks til the end of this term (and then, one more term, ten more weeks!) and I can't wait til the end.

I'm not sure what's up for the weekend--we planned on hunkering down in the storm but we may have dodged that storm bullet--I can see some blue sky outside but tere's a lot of wind. We'll see! Have a good weekend!


Caffeine Girl said...

If I'm counting correctly, you have 14 weeks left and I have 16. But I will go on medical leave if I'm not vaccinated before they reopen high schools -- maybe I won't work all those weeks. I've been sleeping so much better since I decided that I definitely won't go back without the vaccine.

I love your cozy mystery plans. I vote for crafts because I'm really not an animal person. But you'll have to go wherever the writing takes you!

Delighted Hands said...

Lovely projects--the dog looks like a sci-fi pooch! lol
I would read one of your cozy mysteries! Good to have a goal that is so close! I'm happy for you.

Bridget said...

OMG if you write cozy mysteries, I will be THERE!!!

kathy b said...

Oh Ill buy your book for sure KIM!!!!
So many books seem forced. They throw some murder or sex of any manner of gross into a story just to give it Kick I guess. I love a good story that is meaningful. I am sure you have some great ideas ! Im excited for you. Hope the rain is over!
We are bitter cold. Fireman and I watched a wonderful, long Billy Joel concert that I ordered for him for Valentines Day. His songs, are so upbeat. Its a great pick me up watch. (Yes we danced to Piano Man in the end) !

Stay high and dry!!!
I don't know where we can put more snow. The woods I guess!

Mereknits said...

writing will be a wonderful retirement activity. Sure hope you get some sleep and rest.

Kym said...

Comet looks "fully charged up" with those bright, shining eyes. :-)
I can't wait to see what direction your writing plans take you in. (And let the retirement countdown begin!)