Tuesday, February 09, 2021


 I think some of you know that I belong to the Cozy Blue Stitch Club. We have an amazing clubhouse with an open bar and a chocolate fountain and unlimited puppies and everything you would want in a club! 


What is great about the club is that you get a kit each month for $13 (most of these are also available to purchase individually)--the printed fabric and the floss. I would say in any given year I love nine out of 12 of the kits and even the ones I don't love I end up eventually stitching (or will). 

Well, this month's is called Stargazing and I immediately popped it in the hoop and started stitching. Cozy Blue does a lot with stars and moons and constellations, which I love, and this one gives me a little 'Up' vibe that we all need now don't we?

This one is about 75% done and I"m sure I'll finish it by next week.Maybe by Valentine's day!


Vera said...

That is really, really cute! I think all those French knots would drive me crazy though! LOL

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, how very pretty! And look at you go--this one stitched up in a very quick way!

Bridget said...

Oh I love that - it did in fact make me think of "Up" which is one of my faves.

Mariam Max said...
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