Saturday, February 20, 2021

Work and work and work and alpacas

 We've been in Eugene for a few days--Tim had a dentist appointment and we did another round of cleaning out the house. This weekend's goal was to empty our closets and (much) of our dressers and take it all to either the dump or St. Vinny's---we ended up with nine 28 gallon bags of clothes and bags for St. Vinny's and really only a bag and a half for the dump. We also dumped a very very old mattress and box spring set, and Tim took out a bunch of closet organizer shelves so we can organize the closet in our bedroom on the house.

But there was also a trip to visit these sillies.

I get very used to seeing Mana's butt. Notice she is only on three legs here. She did a crazy pronk dance so I got to see that!

Sisters---Georgia on the left, Manna in the middle.
Georgia and Mana.

Georgia smiles for the camera.
Mana's fleece is gorgeous.

The boys. Atom is the second from the left.
Chaco and Calypso.

"This is my good side."


KSD said...

Bomber seems to be absorbing some Attitude from little sister!

Delighted Hands said...

What a reward to watch these beauties after all of that work cleaning out the house! I would love to sink my hands into their fleeece!

Mereknits said...

They are so gorgeous, glad you had a nice visit with them.