Sunday, March 28, 2021

A sad farewell

 We ended up taking Jessie cat to the Emergency Vet in Eugene on Saturday. When we woke up Saturday morning it was clear that it was her time to go. There aren't any emergency vets on the coast--the closest is Salem, which is halfway between Pacific City and Eugene.  As we had planned to come to Eugene for the weekend anyway, we got our stuff together and came back, called the Emergency Vet and they said to bring her right in. The vet looked at her for 30 seconds and agreed it was time to say goodbye. 

We were fortunate that even with Covid restrictions we were allowed to be in the room with her (only two people were allowed). Her passing was relatively peaceful and calm, and we are thankful for the compassionate staff at the Emergency Vet. 

It's hard. You know it's coming but it's hard.

Kiss your kitties for us, please. 


Vera said...

So, so sorry. It is never easy. Thinking of you both and holding Jessie in my heart. Hugs.

Delighted Hands said...

Sending a hug....yes, it is very hard.

Kym said...

Sending all the love. They leave such a big hole in our hearts. . . Thinking of you as you navigate your days (and your space) without your Jessie.) XOXO

KSD said...

There's really nothing to say, is there? Nothing that makes it any easier or less painful, at least. You're all in my heart.

Bridget said...

Even though you know it's the right thing, it still hurts so much, and it sucks. God bless sweet Jessie, and both of you for being so good to her that you cared for her rather than for your own feelings.

Take care.

kathy b said...

Kim, I am so sorry. Clearly your instincts were telling you it was time. They just don't live long enough do they? A big hug for you. Im so glad you got to be there during the last moments. IT is gut wrenching, but I know your kitty knew you were there