Sunday, March 14, 2021

Hares, snowy plovers, and a tail of woe

 Yes, a tail of woe. 

Pilot's tail, to be exact. Spoiler: Pilot is fine. 

We had a glorious beach walk yesterday--little wind, sunny skies, empty beach. Tim, the dogs and I walked almost 4 miles, it was so beautiful. We got back to the place where we would walk over a dune back to the parking lot and a couple with three dogs off-leash entered the beach. The dogs first ran out to see some of the guys surf casting, and were playing with one another. Then the biggest of the three--an akita, maybe, can running over to use and the next thing we knew he had Pilot on the ground and Pilot's head in his mouth. The guy in the couple backed off with one of the other dogs, and  the woman tried to get the akita off Pilot. Tim and I are both screaming at her to get her dog off Pilot.

I may have had some pent up anger that got directed at this woman.

Her dog let go of Pilot's head and then went for his tail. She finally got her dog off--it seemed like it went on for five minutes but it was probably less than a minute. We were both still screaming at her--Tim told her that it was illegal to be on the beach wtihout being leashed up (which is true, since we were in park boundaries) and she told him, very calmly, he was wrong (which he wasn't).

At which point, I screamed at her that the only thing she should be saying at this point was I'm sorry.

I was not calm. I was furious. Tim was furious. Pilot seemed fairly nonplussed, although there was blood in his mouth and an abrasion inside his ear.  Comet was scared to death.

I took Pilot and Comet away from her while Tim got the woman's contact information and she kept saying 'he's never done this before' which I personally find hard to believe. She kept wanting to come over and see Pilot to see if he was alright and Tim kept her from doing that. I'm not sure what I would have said to her, but it would not have been nice.

We checked Pilot over when we got home, cleaned out his ear, and he is fine. We were lucky. The people and their dogs apparently live here so I'm sure we'll run into them again. We're going to get a pepper spray for dogs. 

I'm happy that dogs can run loose on our beach and I appreciate the smart people who don't let them run loose unless they are far away from others. On our beach, you can walk literally three minutes south from the entry point and be by yourselves. Why someone has to let their dogs loose in the most crowded part of the beach is beyond me.

So anyway. The beach was beautiful.

We saw some snowy plovers, an endangered species that nests on a beach about three miles north of us. That beach is protected and dogs aren't allowed anywhere near their nests.  They are tiny little clowns!

In other news:

-we watched a short documentary on Amazon Prime (I think) called "The Porter" about an American who goes to work in the Himalayas as a porter on treks to Everest. It's interesting (and short).

-we're watching a UK series called "London Kills" which is a police procedural that is not as gruesome as some we've seen.

-I love these hare cards. I made these for my ATC group. There's a lot of different techniques. I cut out the card using the Silhouette. The background is a gel print. I colored in the moon and the grass with copic markers, then I used Mod Podge Glitter on the moon and the hare to add some sparkle. Finally, I embellished them with little half pearls. 

And how are you?


kayT said...

I'm glad Pilot is ok. I hope you never see these idiots again but if you do maybe pepper spray for both the dog and the owners...

Caffeine Girl said...

I like dogs just fine, but some dog owners are hard to like. I do expect people to control their dogs. I hate it when people don't leash their dog -- and then let the dog run up to everyone they encounter. I am glad that Pilot is ok. I would have yelled, too.

The bunny cards are darling. In three months, we can craft as much as we want to. Yay for retirement!

kathy b said...

Oh my gosh. Is there a more horrible feeling than watching someone or thing you love get attacked. Im so so sorry Kim. I did carry pepper spray because I know too many people who don't train their dogs to be friendly, or walk on a leash, or not jump up, or not charge other dogs etc etc etc.

I am so so happy your pup is ok. Honestly I won't get started. But Huck was a therapy dog for other s in nursing homes, and if there was ever a fight, he would be disqualified. We worked to hard for that. So in the times we walked him, which was always, I pepper sprayed at least 3 dogs. One was a loose pit bull and it was doing this terrifying behavior with its had lowered and swaying and snarling.....Fireman got him between the eyes and he did nothing at first.....then he ran. He would have attacked. The second time the owner said, "she deserves it, go ahead" and the last time the person called the police because he claimed I sprayed his teenage son. I did NOT. I told the officer, I'm a pediatric nurse, I don't hurt children I help them. It was upsetting every time. My friend linda just got to the point where she would yell : My dog bites, (she didn't) if anyone let their dog off leash or too close on leash.

Im so sorry. Please allow yourself some time to heal It is so disturbing.
love your bunnies

Vera said...

Oh gosh!! So glad Pilot is ok. I would have been furious. It bothers me a lot when I'm walking trails locally and folks have their dogs unleashed on the trails. It is a) rude and b) stupid and c) risky. I would be using the pepper spray on the owners as well! Love your hare cards - darling!

KSD said...

HORRIBLE! So glad Pilot is okay, and so glad Tim got time with the couple. (Yeah, I'm typing more angrily than that sentence would indicate.)

How is Comet? How are YOU?

Delighted Hands said...

I had a very similar attack of my little poodle (leashed) by a big dog that was not--he grabbed her around her ribs and shook her! I kicked him and held him down at the throat until the owner came. I sounded a lot like you did about leash laws and irresponsible people. I am a mama bear when one of mine is under attack--the rest of the time I am calm as windless sea......

Mereknits said...

poor Pilot! You must have been scared to death and had every right to be furious. I am glad all is okay but fear you need to steer clear of that couple and their dog if at all possible in the future. Why are some dog owners just so careless? Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, a good percentage of dog owners are selfish jerks who have no control over their animals. My neighbor's dogs are never leashed. I'm convinced something bad is going to happen someday, from a car hitting a dog, to a dog attacking another dog, to a dog attacking a person. I hate it when I'm in a park and encounter a dog that's supposed to be leashed, and I never say anything for fear of reprisal. I'm surprised the woman was willing to give Tim her info. I hope she looks up the law and sees you were right!