Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Hundred acre wood

 I wanted to update you on my Hundred Acre Wood shawl. I love the color combination and I love this yarn.

A few things:

-I need to dig out a longer needle or I will never be able to show it to you.

- I messed up the first go-round of the lace part, and I didn't tink it.  I AM A REBEL. AND that is now officially a design feature.

-This is kind of a weird pattern, it writes out every single row but not really.  Here's a screenshot of a very small part of the instructions.

-They're bunion socks. 


kathy b said...

Kim. lol,do you mean the ones you are wearing that look like ? claws? I've never heard of bunion socks but IMay need some. I love your design feature on the shawl. Funny, I did the same with my cowl.......and its just fine

Vera said...

Pretty pinks! I, too, often add (or subtract) design features in what I am knitting. Laughing at your socks which do look like blue claws! I had bunion surgery years ago, but could use one of those socks for my other foot!!

KSD said...

Well, first question answered by that last sentence.

Those are my kind of instructions. Charts vex me.

Rebels for the win.

Delighted Hands said...

You're really going to get a good looking shawl out of these yarns! This is really growing quickly on your needles!