Friday, March 12, 2021

My Year of Covid

A year ago, I taught what was apparently my last 'live' class is a classroom. At the end of winter term, we were told that finals would be all online and that the first three weeks of spring term would be 'remote'. So last year's spring break went to preparing online lectures for the term, as early in spring break the decision was made that spring would be all remote. 

So in that year:

*We have moved pretty much permanently to the coast house.  

*We began the process of getting ready for the Eugene house to go on the market (probably June)

*I discovered 'meat by mail' (thank you Butcher Box, since our little grocery in Pacific City kind of sucks)

*I experimented with many new crafts and some of them even took!

*We got to know our neighbors on the coast much better, and we enjoy spending time with them (and will continue to do so post-pandemic)

*I've cooked new things! I'm looking at you, massaman curry and thai red curry and that pasta dish with bacon.

*We did our part to keep our small, locally-owned restaurants in business. 

*We discovered the joy of board games and Exploding Kittens

*I committed to retire in June.

It's been at times tough, at times lonely, at times sad, at times frustrating. It's also given us gifts that we likely wouldn't have received without the pandemic. Those gifts kept us going.

Stay safe y'all!


Vera said...

Nice list!! Good things. BTW, I did use the Thai Kitchen red curry paste the other night along with coconut milk. I think if I added more curry I would have liked it more. Not bad though.

Mereknits said...

It has been a strange year but a good one. Sounds like you have made it through with lots to be thankful for. Stay safe.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice year in review. Good food for thought. We can't look to the future, if we haven't learned from our past.

KSD said...

All good things. Some year.

Kym said...

It certainly has been . . . A Year. So glad you were able to reflect on the many good things that happened for you this (very weird) year. XO