Tuesday, March 23, 2021

TNT and a few other things

 Let us begin with TNT, yes? The Easter table runner is coming along well. It really isn't a runner in that it isn't that long. It's more like a centerpiece, I guess. Anyway, as I expected it is going really well. Both short ends and one long end is done. 

Second, there's good news in the bread department. My loaf turned out nicely, it tasted great, and it looked a bit like a chicken. I forgot to take a photo but it really did look like a chicken.

Third, I've run into a little problem with my hundred acres shawl. For some reason, I am 60% of the way through and have only 30 grams of one of the yarns left. And about 70 grams of the other. Not sure what to do with this little problem, and I'll eventually figure it out.

Fourth, this guy was drying out his wings across the street from us.

Yes, it's a vulture. He is ignoring the no trespassing sign.

Finally, it's my spring break, and I've finished a draft of the alpaca mystery! Yay!


Vera said...

Thta table runner or center piece is so darn cute! Congrats on finishing your first draft of your mystery - that is so cool. Vultures can be a little on the creepy side, but I like them. I bet your bread was delicious!

Delighted Hands said...

I really like the background color of the table centerpiece-your stitching is a perfect contrast for it. I'm sure the vulture had to dry out from your rain!

Kym said...

The table runner/centerpiece whatever is just so charming! I'm so glad you'll have it finished before Easter. And YAY on the mystery. . . can't wait to hear more about it. XO

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The runner is adorable, and I have no doubt it will be finished by Easter.

kathy b said...

I LOVE THE TABLE RUNNER. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. oh no on the yarn chicken but you are such a good knitter, you will figure a way

Liz Tamiso said...

I hate when yarn does that !! Good luck with figuring it out. And, thanks for the tip to watch London Kills, I enjoyed all 10 episodes