Tuesday, March 02, 2021


 First, let me apologize for not engaging on your blogs recently. It is a busy time at school, and the students (and faculty) have destroyed my resilience. I'll be fine, but it is hard to concentrate and engage via the computer right now. Sorry.

Let's look at some TNT-ing.

First the eggs in the nest are done!

Second, I started on a table runner of stars. I think this is meant for Christmas but honestly it will work for the 4th of July too.

And not a TNT, but a gorgeous sunset we had the other night!


Delighted Hands said...

We totally understand when one of us goes MIA that life is giving a squeeze!
The stitching is beautiful-I like the subtlety of the nest one.

KSD said...

The stars will be beautiful!

Hang in there. Retirement on the horizon. . .

kathy b said...

Oh fourth of July. The promise of all of us being vaccinated. That would bring stars to my eyes!!!!!! I love your view and sunrise and set photos. I often wondered if my tolerance for b.s at work was much lower right before I went on vacation. I know Fireman let it all go when he was close to retiring. Nothing bothered him. I'm the opposite.
Whatever, the cause, we have enough aggravation with COVID, so Im sorry Kim. hang in there. Retirement is coming !!!