Tuesday, March 09, 2021


 Hello and welcome to TNT!

My table runner is coming along well. It is a LOT of satin stitch and I know many stitchers are not a big fan of satin stitch but I don't hate it. I also like a stamped pattern, myself. 

Sorry for the wrinkleness.

I think themed table runners are going to be my TNT thing. I bought a bunny kit for Easter that will be here this week and which of course I won't have finished for this Easter but hopefully for next Easter. I know I can find a nice fall one and all that's left is summer. I'd love to find something with whimsical sea creatures so if you see anything like that let me know. 

Gold glittery yarn is for all seasons, right?

This one is supposed to be for Christmas but I'm convincing myself that with a blue (or black) tablecloth this could work for Fourth of July.


Vera said...

I think you're right! This could be Christmas OR 4th of July OR BOTH!!! Looks nice.

Caffeine Girl said...

I am working on improving my satin stitch -- and getting more comfortable. at this point, I still dread it.

KSD said...

I just came across a table runner I want to make for a Christmas gift. I thought of you.

kathy b said...

Your stitching is so lovely KIM!!! I have to say the colored backgrounds are my favorite, but all of them impress me!

Delighted Hands said...

Very creative stitching and I agree--it will be great for the 4TH!