Monday, March 08, 2021

Weekend recap

 Lots of reading, lots of crafting, lots of walks! 

I've been working on Easter cards, and I'm really enjoying the embellishing aspect:

It was showery, and kind of cool, but there were sunbreaks with the promise of spring. In addition to the dog walks we do daily, we went down the road a bit to a nature reserve and walked up the hill to the lookout.

And on the way down ran into this guy. We debated whether these are harbingers of spring or winter but I'm going with spring.

How was your weekend?


KSD said...

Well, I certainly didn't make anything as gorgeous as your cards. . .

More black than brown on a woolly worm means more severe weather, right? Can there be a "severe Spring"?

Vera said...

What beautiful eggs on the cards! Love your embellishment. I'm always confused by the caterpilars.

Delighted Hands said...

The cards are really sophisticated!!! Beautiful view!