Thursday, April 29, 2021


 Float  is coming along. It's an interesting pattern called "Applied pooling". Basically, you have a yarn with more than one color, and you pick a color and whenever you come to that color you knit a special stitch that uses all the color.

The yarn I'm using is from Chasing Rabbits, who designed the shawl and I guess invented the idea of applied pooling. The yarn is 75% grey and 25% pink and anytime I hit the pink, I do a daisy sort of stitch.

I'm not crazy about the 'holes' around the stitch but on the whole I really like this. 

I have three balls of this yarn and I can't imagine I'll be able to be engaged in this one long enough to use all three balls but we'll see.

In other news--yesterday morning there was a rainstorm in the sky that never made it down to earth. But it was interesting!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 I have an FO for TNT--the stars table runner is done.

I liked doing this one. It was a bit heavy on the satin stitch but other than that it was fun. I already have another one--summer flowers--ready to get started!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Weekend Projects

 We are on the coast this weekend, and the big project was to set up the craft wall on the office wall. A few weeks ago we brought out a big desk from Eugene to the coast and then we decided to bring out the existing 'yarn wall' from Eugene and add on to it (to make it more of a craft wall). We don't have a ton of closet space here--by design--and I have gotten rid of a ton of yarn in preparation to sell the house in Eugene. I've moved out almost all the yarn that I want to keep, and it is now all housed in the craft wall:

Each of the little cubbies are about one cubic foot.

Not all of these are filled with yarn--I would guess right now it is about two thirds filled with yarn, embroidery things are in a few, and there's space for fleece and roving (and a few more bits of yarn in Eugene). The craft wall has opened up space in my 'official' craft room, and also in our "Harry Potter Closet" which is where a bunch of crafts have lived. So this is all good. The cubbies are all from Target, and Tim created a little 'stand' for them all (due to some plumbing stuff on the wall, long story, but if we want to we can make a two-room apartment downstairs, with the kitchen going where the craft wall is). Anyway, I'm thrilled with this.

I also cast on for Float and so far, I find it enchanting.

I also cast on for a Casapinka cowl called Painterly--it's half linen stitch. I was hanging out in the office while Tim was finishing it up and found some yarn I liked so just went for it. It is extremely early days on this one.

It's been a nice calm weekend which we like. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Saturday sights!

 It's Saturday--hooray! Six weeks left of teaching and then a week of finals week and I'm done (although technically I'm not retired until July 1). I had a phone meeting this week with a counselor to fill out my retirement paperwork, and then Tim and I went to the little bank in PC yesterday to have some signatures notarized. I'll scan the paperwork and mail it off, then I'm all set to retire (well, still have to figure out the health insurance--part of my incentive is a stipend to pay for health insurance until I'm 65, so we're examining whether I should continue with my current insurance or go on Tim's for the duration). 

I finished One and Done, although it is still not blocked:

And I made the Artist Trading Cards for May, the theme was 'seed packets' and my seeds are for watercolor wildflowers.

And then I made some cards to send with the card. 

This week was a much better week, although I have issues in both classes that are frustrating. I have two PhD defenses next week and it is good to see those students wrapping things up (I'll have two more in a month---this is a record for me!).

Not a lot on the agenda for the weekend--it is supposed to be kind of rainy so I plan to read and knit (probably start on Float) and do some arranging in our office downstairs (we've brought out the 'yarn wall' and Tim will install it in the office this weekend, which will free up a lot of space in the utility room and the Harry Potter closet, both of which now contain lots of yarn. 

Part of what we're focusing on with the move is not only getting stuff out of Eugene but also making sure we have a place here for it. I think it will all fit as we create more storage places, and our goal is not to have a storage unit and not to have boxes of stuff in the garage. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Life. Argh.

 Nothing is really bad but nothing is really good.  I am simply exhausted with it all. But I have pictures to show.

This is yarn for an upcoming pattern called Float. It is the exact yarn used in the pattern because I love how it looks. I think the only time I did this before was with Botanic.

We did a lot of work at the Eugene house this weekend and I unearthed two pieces of art from our trip to Alaska probably 15 years ago. We went on a small-ship cruise (80 passengers) and at Glacier Bay National Park we took these little Zodiac rafts from the ship to the Bay. One of the people on the trip painted this image for us. 

We also bought this print, called "Bi-Polar Bear".

I finished the sock.

What else, what else? Driving back from Eugene on Monday I listened to the Duchess podcast. It is entertaining.  Right now, say Duchess out loud. Do you say DUTCHiss? That's how I say it, but apparently if you're a real duchess you say dutch-ESS which sounds so weird to me. Anyway, it's about duchesses who live in big houses and what they do to keep them going (other than have a lot of money). 

Hope you are all well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 I'm low energy and a little blue but I do have a tiny little TNT update. Please enjoy. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

It must be sunset season

 One and Done is coming along too--not much knitting or crafting time but here you go.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Knitting and some sunsets

 We are having unusually warm and clear days here, with no humidity. Unfortunately that means there is a fire warning but hopefully things will moderate soon (usually it is very very humid here--the hardest thing for me to get used to after living inland for so long, where we have very warm summers with no humidity at all).

Here are some lovely images from last night:

A little bit of the moon behind a pine.

The little lights are fishing boats out on the ocean.

And I have been knitting--the sock progresses.

I forgot to turn the heel so I had to rip back a few rows and do it. DOH!

Not much else. I have had my worst week of teaching and it is only  Thursday (but teaching is done, just meetings left). 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 Happy TNT! I don't have a lot to show you, but I have done a bit more work on the star table runner. 

I've been very impressed by those of you who do embroidery without a hoop. It certainly makes the work prettier to photograph, and I'm so impressed by those of you who can make lovely stitches without all the tautness! Anyway, I did the gold stars of the table runner without having the fabric in the hoop and it looks ok, not great. 

We are having a 'warm up' as we enter Spring full on--highs this week on the coast in the 60s (which is pretty much summertime for us). Unfortunately, though, with the warmer temps comes the wind--after about an hour of beautiful temps and no wind, the winds are now about 20 mph, with gusts up to 33mph. They're supposed to die down tonight (of course). 

Still, not complaining except a little bit.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Not to everyone's taste

 I've done a few cards and some gel printing experiments that I'd like to share with you!

First, two mother's day cards--both of our moms are still with us (mine is 93, Tim's is 98). 

Second, I found an image for a Tlingit Raven (the tlingit are one of the First Nations people in Western Canada).  We have two pieces of Tlingit art that we attained in Canada when we were there a decade or so ago (more than that actually--we had two entirely different dogs!).  So I did a stencil of the raven and did a few prints.  

I also tried this technique with a stencil of a howling wolf with not great results.

In other news:

-I made a loaf of semolina bread which was NOT GOOD but then a good loaf of orange chocolate chip breakfast bread so there's that

-we're watching "This is a Robbery" on Netflix--a four part series on the robberies at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in Boston which is good in a very "Unsolved Mysteries" kind of way

-I couldn't sleep last night, argh.

Thursday, April 08, 2021

March Reading

I read nine books in March, and some were good and others were 're-tellings'! Let's review.

 -Live from New York by Shales and Miller: this is an older book and it is LONG and it is pretty much an oral history (though written down) of SNL.  I tended to read a few interviews (there are many many short interviews/individual perspectives) before I went to sleep and it put me to sleep pretty easily. So that's my review. 

-Coyotes of Carthage by Stephen Wright: I liked this one. A lobbyist who is sort of in disgrace is sent to lobby for an environmentally-unfriendly company in a small town in the South.  I thought the characters were very real and enjoyed this one a lot. 

-Super Host by Kate Russo: Kate Russo is Richard Russo's daughter, and I haven't read any Richard Russo so I can't say if there is a resemblance. This was framed as a 'comedy' about a man who has to rent out his London home (because Hard Times) and the people who rent it out, but it was just sort of sad. Not crazy about this one.

-The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett: a cozy mystery where the Queen (!!!!) enlists aides to help solve mysteries. It should have been wonderful. It wasn't. 

-Two Days Gone by Randall Silvas: a famous author's family is brutally killed and the author goes missing. This is a police procedural to find the author and it was dark and compelling.

-Ladies of the House by Lauren Edmondson: this was a re-telling of Sense and Sensibility and I should have just read Sense and Sensibility instead. 

-Who is Maud Dixon by Alexandra Andrews: LOVED THIS BOOK. A young woman is hired to work for an author who only is known by her pen name. The author is not what she seems. Really well written and interesting. 

-The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner: this was a retelling-ish of Jane Eyre and it was kind of eye rolling. I kept going til the end because if was one of those books with  really really short chapters and that just kept me moving forward.

-The Smash-Up by Ali Benjamin: this was a re-telling of Ethan Frome and I should have just read Ethan Frome. 

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Casting on

 I've cast on two things, both kind of mindless, both of which I like.

First, socks! This is Regia Pairfect which is the yarn that has that yellow leader so the socks can match exactly! I'm sure I got this on sale from Little Knits!

Second, yet another One and Done, using some mystery yarn that fell out of my yarn cubbyholes when we were moving one of them to the coast. 

I've been Zooming nonstop but now have a bit of a Zoom break til next week.

Tuesday, April 06, 2021


 Happy TNT! I have a few little lovelies to show you.

First, now that the Easter table thing is complete, I've gone back to the star table thing.  I think this can easily be an 'all year round' thing even though it was meant for Christmas. But honestly, how many Christmas-themed table runners does one need?


I have also started on this one.  I bought this from a small company called Judith and Lily which sells yarn and a few embroidery things.  Their site is the definition of the term 'curated' but they seem like lovely people selling beautiful things. I guess I'll do a sheep triptych, with this one and the sheep in the sweater. Now I just need another sheep!

I'm using a stitch called couching stitch. I have two needles working--you can see both of them in this photo. One needle holds two strands that I curl around into a curlicue, and the other needle has a single strand that I use to 'tack it down'. 

A surprise was in the mail today, from my twinny. At first I thought this was going to be another table runner but was quite relieved to find out it was an adorable apron. Which I need, given that I bake now. (HAHA).

Have a happy TNT!

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Happy Easter and an FO

 Happy Easter to all who celebrate! We are having a low-key Easter: we'll do a spring dinner (duck, spinach, pretzel rolls and cake) and here is our Easter basket:

I finished 100 Acre Wood and really liked it. It probably took about five hours to do the picot bind off yet I persevered. I don't have blocking wires out here so I did my best with blocking. It sat outside for a few hours and then I put it in the sauna. 

Yesterday was a bit of a tough day, as we are still mourning Jessie cat. We gathered with six of our neighbors for a bonfire last evening and had lots of laughs, so that was good. We're so fortunate to have great neighbors that we enjoy spending time with. 

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Let's play yarn chicken, shall we?

 Hello friends. Thanks again for your kind words about Jessie cat. We're slowly getting accustomed to our 'new normal' of being cat-less (Tim says it is the first time in 35 years he hasn't had a cat---not the same cats, of course--and for me it's been 26 years). 

We came back to the coast on Tuesday after a busy few days. We were both in a bit of a grief daze but did manage to get much of our Eugene office cleaned out, and I got a few other closets done. We brought out a desk for our office here and the first of three yarn cubes (3x3 cubes that hold 9 cloth boxes). That should be more than enough room for my yarn, given that I'm paring down a lot.

I'm getting close to the end of the 100 Acre Woods shawl, which is good since I've officially run out of the darker colored yarn. You can see how much I have left here. I"m holding the entirety of the darker color. 

And I don't have that much of the lighter pink color either, and it has a picot bind off which takes a lot of yarn. You can see the little ball of pink above. Hopefully this will be done this week. 

Happy April Fools Day and Rabbit Rabbit!