Thursday, April 08, 2021

March Reading

I read nine books in March, and some were good and others were 're-tellings'! Let's review.

 -Live from New York by Shales and Miller: this is an older book and it is LONG and it is pretty much an oral history (though written down) of SNL.  I tended to read a few interviews (there are many many short interviews/individual perspectives) before I went to sleep and it put me to sleep pretty easily. So that's my review. 

-Coyotes of Carthage by Stephen Wright: I liked this one. A lobbyist who is sort of in disgrace is sent to lobby for an environmentally-unfriendly company in a small town in the South.  I thought the characters were very real and enjoyed this one a lot. 

-Super Host by Kate Russo: Kate Russo is Richard Russo's daughter, and I haven't read any Richard Russo so I can't say if there is a resemblance. This was framed as a 'comedy' about a man who has to rent out his London home (because Hard Times) and the people who rent it out, but it was just sort of sad. Not crazy about this one.

-The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett: a cozy mystery where the Queen (!!!!) enlists aides to help solve mysteries. It should have been wonderful. It wasn't. 

-Two Days Gone by Randall Silvas: a famous author's family is brutally killed and the author goes missing. This is a police procedural to find the author and it was dark and compelling.

-Ladies of the House by Lauren Edmondson: this was a re-telling of Sense and Sensibility and I should have just read Sense and Sensibility instead. 

-Who is Maud Dixon by Alexandra Andrews: LOVED THIS BOOK. A young woman is hired to work for an author who only is known by her pen name. The author is not what she seems. Really well written and interesting. 

-The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner: this was a retelling-ish of Jane Eyre and it was kind of eye rolling. I kept going til the end because if was one of those books with  really really short chapters and that just kept me moving forward.

-The Smash-Up by Ali Benjamin: this was a re-telling of Ethan Frome and I should have just read Ethan Frome. 


Delighted Hands said...

So there was only one you loved-I will look for that one! lol

KSD said...

Those "I should have just" books are maddening.

Caffeine Girl said...

The Maud Dixon book is on my list.
I avoid retellings in general. It's hard to beat a classic.

kathy b said...

Wow. You have a read a ton!!!!