Saturday, April 24, 2021

Saturday sights!

 It's Saturday--hooray! Six weeks left of teaching and then a week of finals week and I'm done (although technically I'm not retired until July 1). I had a phone meeting this week with a counselor to fill out my retirement paperwork, and then Tim and I went to the little bank in PC yesterday to have some signatures notarized. I'll scan the paperwork and mail it off, then I'm all set to retire (well, still have to figure out the health insurance--part of my incentive is a stipend to pay for health insurance until I'm 65, so we're examining whether I should continue with my current insurance or go on Tim's for the duration). 

I finished One and Done, although it is still not blocked:

And I made the Artist Trading Cards for May, the theme was 'seed packets' and my seeds are for watercolor wildflowers.

And then I made some cards to send with the card. 

This week was a much better week, although I have issues in both classes that are frustrating. I have two PhD defenses next week and it is good to see those students wrapping things up (I'll have two more in a month---this is a record for me!).

Not a lot on the agenda for the weekend--it is supposed to be kind of rainy so I plan to read and knit (probably start on Float) and do some arranging in our office downstairs (we've brought out the 'yarn wall' and Tim will install it in the office this weekend, which will free up a lot of space in the utility room and the Harry Potter closet, both of which now contain lots of yarn. 

Part of what we're focusing on with the move is not only getting stuff out of Eugene but also making sure we have a place here for it. I think it will all fit as we create more storage places, and our goal is not to have a storage unit and not to have boxes of stuff in the garage. Wish us luck!


KSD said...

Cards for cards. . . Sounds like one of those endless mirror things in dressing rooms.


kathy b said...

I am wishing you great luck Kim It is so much work to move
Im so excited for you to retire! You have given it your all.. Time for your new life.

Vera said...

I'm excited and somewhat envious of you retiring! I could retire...just doesn't really make sense at this point (my job is great, I'm paid well, I work at home and my time is really many reasons NOT to retire...but I still think about it occasionally.....

Delighted Hands said...

I found that once I had gone so long without some things, it was easier to get rid of them! Might help you with sorting decisions.
I'm glad you had a better week--the shawl is beautiful.