Tuesday, April 06, 2021


 Happy TNT! I have a few little lovelies to show you.

First, now that the Easter table thing is complete, I've gone back to the star table thing.  I think this can easily be an 'all year round' thing even though it was meant for Christmas. But honestly, how many Christmas-themed table runners does one need?


I have also started on this one.  I bought this from a small company called Judith and Lily which sells yarn and a few embroidery things.  Their site is the definition of the term 'curated' but they seem like lovely people selling beautiful things. I guess I'll do a sheep triptych, with this one and the sheep in the sweater. Now I just need another sheep!

I'm using a stitch called couching stitch. I have two needles working--you can see both of them in this photo. One needle holds two strands that I curl around into a curlicue, and the other needle has a single strand that I use to 'tack it down'. 

A surprise was in the mail today, from my twinny. At first I thought this was going to be another table runner but was quite relieved to find out it was an adorable apron. Which I need, given that I bake now. (HAHA).

Have a happy TNT!


KSD said...

Interesting stich, that curlicue. That design is cute.

We both have great twinnies, huh?

Vera said...

Great Apron!! I like your sheep and I think your star runner could be for 4th of July too!! Very pretty.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The star runner will work for several holidays and occasions with added accessories. Love the newest addition to your flock.

Delighted Hands said...

Star Runner is very pretty! You can use it for all of the patriotic holidays, too. The new apron is going to be a great project! Beautiful!