Sunday, May 23, 2021

A few weekend things

 I've really been focusing on relaxing this weekend, preparing for the last three weeks of school and closing up the house. It's gone pretty well!

I have a lot of the second sock done (although now the yarn is in a tangled mess, curse you center pull balls).

The theme for June Artist Trading Cards (a group I'm in on Rav) is "insects" and I've made some bee cards. They were fun to make and I knew I wanted to do these the minute I heard the prompt.

There are four layers: the card, the honeycomb, the gold part of the bee (the lower part of the bee) and the dark part of the bee (the upper part of the bee).

The dark part of the bee is made out of reflective very dark blue paper and when you hold it to the light you get all kinds of rainbow colors. 

I hope your weekend was special!


kayT said...

Oh my, those bees are amazing. Gorgeous!

Delighted Hands said...

that is an amazing effect you get from the papers for the bees!!!!!

Kym said...

I LOVE your bees! What fun. And those striped socks are just divine. (Almost makes me want to knit a sock again.) (Almost.) XO

KSD said...

Those cards are stunning. Well done as usual, Twinster.

kathy b said...

You are a busy bee!! and the bees knees!
The bind off for the big bulky shawl had 3 rows

Did I mention it is a i cord bind off?
I emailed you the bind off instructions! I loved the look