Saturday, May 08, 2021

April Book Report

 I read a bunch of books (11!) in April, a few of them I'd even recommend to you! Here is a recap.

I recommend these:

-Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian: I heard about this on NPR and it was an interesting story of the experience of Indian-Americans. I have several Indian friends and I've certainly heard about parental pressure but this is an interesting sort of magical realism take on their experience. 

-Good Company by Cynthia Sweeney: this is a story of two couples in the entertainment business and the daughter of one of the couples. It's family and business and success and living in the public eye and all kind of interesting life lessons. 

These were pretty good:

-Invisible City by Julia Dahl: a mystery set in the Hasidic community of New York. I especially liked the ability to learn more about this community

-The Boy's Club by Erica Clark: a novel of a young woman working in the finance arena in NYC. It's pretty good but not great.

-Carnegie Hill by Jonathan Vantner: lives of people living in a co-op in NYC (I guess the theme of 'pretty good' is that it happens in NYC).  Good characters but LOTS of them and I think the book just went on to long for me. 

Some of these I can barely remember even though I read them all the way through:

-The Perfect Life by Valerie Keough: a very convoluted tale of revenge set in the UK. 

-The Girls are So Nice Here by Laurie Elizabeth Finn: another very convoluted tale of revenge set at a private college in New England, and goes back and forth between the 'girls' being in college and going back to their college reunion..

-Social Creatures by Tara Isabella Burton: halfway through reading this I had realized I had already read this but finished it anyway. It was weird. Another very convoluted tale of revenge. A grifter latches on to a wealthy young woman.

-Santa Monica by Cassidy Lucas: a personal trainer is murdered. Who killed him? By the end I didn't care.

-Design for Dying by Renee Patrick: this one, I was hopeful about: a young woman solves mysteries with costume designer Edith Head!! Wouldn't that be fun? No, it wasn't.

-The Next Wife by Kaira Rouda: a convoluted tale of revenge, narrated by multiple unreliable narrators. Honestly, this was my first book of April and even when I went back to read the Amazon description I can't remember what this book is about.

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A very nice book review! Reading is comforting, isn't it?!