Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Calm Before the Storm

 Just a quick heads up: I'm starting a really busy two week period, so I may not have a lot to show you. But for today, let's look at my progress on Powder!

I've done the first of four repeats of the three-section pattern (got that?) and I think it looks good. I'm really glad I decided to do it in off white--it gives it that Aran feel. The yarn is Cascade 220 that has been in the stash forever, so I'm happy to be able to use that up (quite honestly, if I hadn't moved my stash out here, I would have never know I had it).

So we're coming up on the end of the term. Tomorrow I have back-to-back doctoral dissertations (I'm already tired) and a late afternoon thing. Friday I drive back to Eugene for a 3pm meeting and a 5pm gathering of my colleagues IN PERSON! Tim comes to Eugene Friday evening and then Saturday morning we meet with a realtor. Then Memorial Day weekend will be spent cleaning and packing, cleaning and packing. Tim is taking next week off to clear out the house. I have my last few class things, grading, and cleaning out my work office next week to do. We'll spend the following weekend in Eugene too, then Monday June 7 and Tuesday June 8 are the final presentations for the masters program I run. And I'm getting crown prep on June 7.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but I think we will be able to clear out most if not all of the house (honestly, a huge amount is done so if we can get a good clean out of the garage, we'll be all set). 

Like everywhere else, houses are selling like hotcakes and we expect ours will be no exception--it is in a good school district and is close to the University.

I have to tell you, I'm kind of filled with anxiety about all this---I'm a girl that really likes her down time, so I'll just have to make sure I give myself nice breaks through all of this. 

Thanks for reading!


KSD said...

Breathe. Walk the dogs. Look out your window. Remember you're loved.

Delighted Hands said...

It is going to be fast-paced for for a two week period and then you will have accomplished so much the rest will be greatly deserved!
the shawl is a beauty--take some time to knit when you can, it helps.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Off white is perfect for that pattern! It beautiful and classic.

Kym said...

Those busy-times are always so stressful! It sounds daunting . . . but just imagine the downtime-for-days you'll enjoy once this particular busy-time is finished! Hang in there. Sending the good juju your way. XO