Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Days Continue to be Mixed Up

 It's Tuesday afternoon, and I posted a TNT yesterday afternoon, and so that is messing with my head.  

But on the blog we have:

-a cowl

-a closeup of a cowl

-eagles overhead

-some cards 

I know that much!


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful cowl, sky and cards!!!! (whatever day it is...!)

Vera said...

All good things and, really, who cares what day it is?

That cowl is awful pretty!!

Kym said...

I feel like I lost track of time completely -- days, hours, months, all of it -- when the pandemic first began, and I've never quite found it again. I think I actually like it this way. . . And that cowl is very cool. :-)

KSD said...

That sounds like enough knowing for any given day.

kathy b said...

Thank Kim! I too, wasn't sure of the date or day for a minute today. I blame the Mexico trip. But I think its just the brain thing! Your cards are gorgeous as your work always is! We have a pair of nesting Eagles and they have 3 chicks. It is fun to see this man's photos, who shares them with the town on his posts. His lens is HUUUUUUUUGE!!! I'm happy to have our hummingbirds and orioles back. The chickadees have made their home in our birdhouse!! Such fun to watch