Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 Hello and welcome to TNT! 

I'm back at the coast house, after 48 crazy hours in Eugene. This was our last quick trip before our big final push, starting Memorial Day weekend. We got a lot done--I took eight boxes to St. Vinnie's, filled two fifty gallon trashbags, and started packing things in boxes and totes. I brought out the rest of my craft materials--I think all that is left in Eugene is my spinning wheel and an 'emergency' knitting project (because I worry I will forget crafts when we go back).

It was very warm and we're not used to that. Yesterday it was 82 in Eugene and 52 on the Coast--and we're talking a distance of 100 miles. I drove back this morning after waking up at 4:30 (not to come back, I just couldn't sleep).

Anyway, on to TNT. First, I have my finished sheep hoop to show you:

And second, I have changed my hoop display for late spring/early summer.

That's about it from here!


Kym said...

That is a very busy weekend -- both physically AND emotionally! You'll feel so good when this "transition" stage of your life is behind you, and you're settled comfortably at the coast. XO

Delighted Hands said...

Soon you will be on the other side of all of this work!!! The new stitching trio looks beautiful!

KSD said...

The sheep is glorious. The blank face adds to it, don't you think?

Vera said...

Oh my! You are busy. I didn't know you had a spinning wheel (I don't spin and I do NOT need another hobby - LOL). Love your sheep and I most especially love the moon phase embroidery - lovely! Soon you will be retired and on the coast for good!!!

kathy b said...

Pretty pretty sheep! ! And you are getting so close Ma'am to retiring!!!!!! You must be os excited even though you have lots of moving chores to do.