Sunday, May 16, 2021

Warning: Cuteness Ahead

 We're in Eugene--I'll go back to the coast tomorrow, Tim on Tuesday after his second vaccine. This is our last 'quick' trip and then we'll do ten days here starting on Memorial Day to finish things up.  There's less throwing stuff away and more packing it up so that's a good place to be, right? 

My craft stuff is all packed up (amazing) and we have space for it on the coast so that's good. Today's tasks involve mostly the kitchen, plus I need to weed whack.

I took a little break yesterday to go to the farm. I hadn't seen the alpacas for a while--they are all sheared but I didn't help, as Ann had a ton of people to help. Plus, there's a new little cria in the world.

Meet Mochachino.

He's a boy, born to Georgia last weekend, so he is about a week old. He was born three weeks early--Ann wasn't even on 'cria watch' yet, so he is a bit small but he is doing really well. Georgia is Calypso and Mana's older sister. This is Georgia's second cria. 

He is small but doing great. He's very independent and curious. 

But still hangs tight with his Mom.

Here's the proud Aunt (she was not very photo compliant yesterday)

Here is the proud Uncle.

And Atom!

Little Family grouping--Mana brings up the rear


Caffeine Girl said...

You're making good progress on the move. We had to move so fast that we are still taking carloads to Goodwill. That's a good thing. I don't want to get lazy and just keep storing things.

Those crias are so darn cute! I want to scoop one up and snuggle it -- but I guess that is not something they would appreciate.

KSD said...

The back legs on Mochachino!

What's up, Bomber!?!

Vera said...

So darn cute!!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Just beautiful--I forget how skinny they are without all of their fluff! lol

kathy b said...

Aria babies!!!! you knew I needed a lift!!!!!! They are so funny after they are shaved. Ohhhh all that yummy yarn to come!