Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday Updates

 It's Sunday and a beautiful day on the coast. The temperatures in the Pacific NW are climbing--and it is warmer than it usually is in June here. I had to open the transom windows to get some air in, and we generally don't need to do that until August. 

But it is indeed a beautiful day. 

We are hanging out and doing house things today. Tim is working on some shelves and I've been doing my July Artist Trading Cards.  We had two choices on the theme--either July 4 or Friday Kahlo (her birthday is July 7). I went with Frida, and created these:

These were incredibly fun to do!

In other news, we have two offers on the house so far (yay!) and we're telling people we will review them Tuesday morning. Both offers are good and so we're confident we'll be under contract soon!

Other than that, we're just walking around being nervous about the house. 

How are you?


Vera said...

Yay for offers on the house! The Frida cards are very cute.

kathy b said...

Like Vera says, Yay for offers!!!!! Under contract so fast will feel great to both parties. So on my count you have 9 days left until RETIREMENT! I can't wait. You will love it.

Delighted Hands said...

The Friday cards are very cool--must be fun to make them!
I'm sure you are thrilled with the offers rolling in!